The belief that true leadership depend on willing service was the code on which Walter was built (Walter, 2014). Sam Walton was determined to lower the cost of living for everyone (Walter, 2014). Armed with this information our team also conducted a STOW analysis. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths were reevaluated that helped guide our strategic plan. Walter currently is ranked first place according to the Fortune 500 company list. This is evidence that Walter is leading the way in many areas. The strategic plan consists of reviewing current operations (Forbes, 2014).

This review, as well as the weaknesses in the STOW Analysis shows that Improvements must be made to the culture so that the weaknesses could eventually turn Into strengths. The team decided to make only animal changes to the organizational chart. The department added Is Organizational Management that would address the underlying Issues wealth the culture. By adding the department of organizational management at the top of the Walter’s organizational structure, it will address the very important weaknesses that Walter is facing in regarding to cultural issues.

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Their cultural related issues are high employee turnover, labor lawsuits, and negative publicity Revisions, O. 2013). Walter is the biggest retailer in the world, and their strategic planning on low cost and scale of operations has separated them from the rest of their competitors. As you can see on chart two, the new department will work closely with the Regional Vice President above the In-store managers, so that indicates it will give this newly added department an opportunity to listen and address closely to the needs and concerns from every employee.

Within this newly organizational structure, the department of organizational management will have specific tasks and responsibilities assigned to everyone who works within this department. It will tell everyone that the company is doing whatever it can to resolve its biggest cultural crisis. We will divide our newly added department into three specialized teams who ill be responsible for several important Jobs. Those are employee service hotlist, training, and legal hotlist.

Each team member will report to their own team manager, and each team manager will report to the Vice President of the organizational management in the weekly basis. Employee service hotlist provides Walter’s employees a channel to address any human resource related issues that they encounter at work or Issues with the management. Hopefully, by offering this service hotlist, It will make Walter a friendlier place to work and thus reduce the turnover rate on their employees.

The new department will gather Information, take action, and Implement any change necessarily to make Walter a better company to work for. Training provides educations and guidance to their employees to ensure that every employee Is Dully aware ten Detentes Tort Dealing a Walter employee. Lastly, legal hotlist will provide employees an opportunity to consult with legal team to ensure the company has complied with the law. With the commitment and the determination that we put in to resolve our cultural issues, we are confident that we can reduce the negative publicity to the minimum.