Catherine Gilder’s piece “Roy” is a compliment of memories from a chapter in her life. The book Catherine wrote is called Too Close to the Falls, which is the entire piece to the small excerpting of Roy. She writes a memoir with this very important person in her life by the name of Roy. Roy is not a famous person, Catherine Gildings was recognized for this book and was nominated for it, but Roy is not a famous person. Roy is far from famous, he was the delivery guy for Catering’s parents drug store. He was a very special person to Catherine as well as her ‘osculate’ as she referred to him in the book.

No, I did not think I would of had anything in common with this author of the subject of the biography, since I do not know anyone by the name of Roy. I have been to Niagara Falls a few times, and was hoping that there would be some sort of reference that I would be familiar with, since the title does consist of Niagara. I do have a similar experience as Catherine. When I was born, my father had left to Canada immediately after. My mother followed about a year later on my first birthday she got on the plane to Canada. I was left back in Belgrade in the care of my grandparents and my aunt.

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There was some delay in getting my visa and all the paper work done, therefore I had to stay back another year approximately. My aunt took care of me all the time. I had gotten so attached to her as a child, since both my parents weren’t around for a long time. I came to Canada with my auntie 1992 and to this day I have this special connection with my aunt that I have with no one else in this world. I could never image having this feeling for anyone ever again in my lifetime. As a child, I grew very attached to her and I have more respect, and care and love her more than my own mother.

This experience related to Catering’s experience with Roy because her parents were constantly working and had to time for her. Children need a lot of attention, and they will seek it with whomever will give it to them. Catering’s parents weren’t around much as neither were mine, since they had work to do, therefore we both have the common factor of being close to someone that may not necessarily be part of your family. I would put myself in Catering’s shoes Just because I feel that I can relate to her the most. Catherine was closer to Roy, a co-worker then she was with her parents.

As omen who has experienced something very similar I believer that parents should be parents no matter what. I would figure that she would of been daddy’s little girl especially because she was the only child and because the parents wished for a child for a very long time. Roy is presented like Catering’s role model, which is not right because the parents are suppose to be the main role models in their child life, to be able to raise your child as you please and not have other people’s influences, influence the way your child is brought up because everybody has their own way of thinking. Roy By missy_l