Growing up In life we encounter experiences that shape us to become a better or worse person. These experiences can be good or bad ones, either way they leave a lasting Impression on us. In The Catcher In the Rye by J. D Slinger he tells the story of a teenage boy named Holder and his Journey through life having to deal with school, friends, family, and other outside entities. Over a period of time we see that Holder encounters many different life altering experiences that shape him to who he will come or better define him as a person.

One of the recurring motifs in this book is how he views the male image and by what degree they impact him. Throughout the book there are many clear points where Holder states that he doesn’t like certain people or thinks they are phony. For instance he doesn’t find any interest in what was thought to be one of his friends,seedeater, because he took the girl he liked out on a date. Holder knows how this guy can be and he doesn’t want his crush to have her innocence taken.

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He holds on to the concept of innocents because he doesn’t want to grow up and be like the men who take Innocence away from others. Holder also doesn’t appreciate the former principle at Pence, the school he goes to, because he can tell the man Is a phony. The way he talks to certain people and the two faced personality, Holder can sense and he doesn’t want to grow up and be the same. Hurled 2! In the beginning of the book we learn that Holder leaves school due to the fact that he has failing grades and doesn’t want his parents to know.

Over the period of forty- eight hours Holder has managed to find himself staying at his teachers house Mr.. Anatolian. During his stay Holder wakes to this man rubbing his head, this Immediately triggers discomfort and he leaves right away. Later on In the book we infer that Holder was taken advantage of by another man. This leads to the belief that Holder views men the way he does because of the bad experience. This also may be a reason Holder is so obsessed with the idea of innocents.