We use our own product line that we receive from a private label. Using only the finest ingredients to ensure our customers get the best products available. We use all natural ingredients and essential oils in our products, we believe that they have the best effect and are customer friendly. The Relaxing Touch makes specialized skin products for different types of skin so there are products for everyone individual needs, our make up is talc free and hypo allergenic so it is available to everyone. For waxing we use an all natural hard wax, it is more effective and easier on the skin then a soft wax. This wax also acts as an exfoliated while it removes unwanted hair.

Made from beeswax and gazelle it is sensitive to the skin and will not burn the skin. Spa wraps and gels are also made from natural ingredients, therefore making them more effective then man made ingredients. The products penetrate into the skin better and allow you to feel like you are getting the best treatment ever since you know that you are getting all natural products to improve your skin while you relax. Overall The Relaxing Touch is determined to make sure our costumers have the best products available to them and are completely satisfied with them. If a customer is unhappy with any treatment or product we will figure out why they did not like it and try to fix the problem with the client.

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Marketing The Relaxing Touch will market to everyone, no matter their age, race, or class. If a client is coming in to relax, better their health, or have received a treatment as a gift, we will take them in with open arms and do our best to give them the best treatment possible. I plan on marketing via internet, bulletin boards, local papers, incentives, “points” programs, phone books, gyms and other businesses. I plan on offering discounts and special offers during each change of the season and when we make new treatments. Throughout the first year or so I will see what worked to attract costumers and repeat those marketing offers rather than the others that did not work as well.

My staff and I will have monthly meetings to go over our marketing strategies, try to improve them and to also think of new ways we could expand our clientele. Financial Analysis Having 4 full time employees, and 2 part time employees the spa will bring in approximately during the second year of opening, that is if each employee is constantly booked. The Relaxing Touch will offer competitive prices, series packages, season specials, and random product discounts to keep clients coming, purchasing more often, and paying ahead (series packages). The spa will have financial books that will be checked at least weekly and will also have a personal book for each employee to see if they have an increasing or decreasing clientele and product/ treatment sales. I en spa WI repeat and new clients.

Operations II also o Utter Incentives to employees to try to sell Ana nave As a manager I will be honest, a good listener, respectful, knowledgeable, a hard worker, open minded, fair, and go by the quote “do unto others as you would have others do unto you. ” I am an easygoing person who works well with others and knows how to give directions and constructive criticism without hurting anyone’s linings. I will ask my staff to be open with me and I will be open with them, however I will know where to draw the line between boss and friend. Before hiring any staff member I will interview them call references and be sure they are not only qualified but also have a good personality and are able to look the part. I will be sure that we have a box for all employees to put in comments, complaints, or whatever they feel the need I should know or advice on the spa.

I feel having a box makes it easier for the staff to say certain things without putting anyone on the spot, or if they do not eave a chance to talk to me because of schedule issues they are sure that I will get that piece of information, or their thoughts. As far as clients, I will reach out and talk to anyone who comes my way no matter how they may appear on the outside. I know from personal experience the world judges you by how you look even though that may not be who you are at all, and sometimes you fall into how they Judge you. I will never treat anyone I see a certain way Just on their looks, I will be personable with everyone. I believe that if you are that way not only will you grow a large clientele, but your clients will appreciate you ore, and you will have a variety of personalities that you see daily.

Risk Assessment Whenever a business is opened there are always risks the owner needs to be aware of and have confidence that they can overcome. In the spa industry there are risks such as problems with employees, clients not being satisfied, your spa not getting clients, not able to compete with other spas, theft, fire, financial issues, and something happening to a client at the spa. I am obviously aware of these risk and believe that I can overcome them if need be. I will take whatever precautions I need to so I am sure I will not panic when something occurs. I believe you need to take it one day at a time, plan for the worst but hope for the best.