We are not Just supposed to be like Christ but to live it. We tend to stray away from being like Christ when we are not around church and our church family. We need to do and not Just act like Christ tells us to. To be a good witness we must be one as a church. If one person believes one thing and another person believes something else those that are unsaved won’t know whom to believe.

If we are not a united church then there is no season for us to witness to others because we are not one with God. To be a united church is to be a church that is united with God at the center. We cannot be a united church without God because God is the center. If we are not united then God is not the center of our church then we have no business witnessing because God is not there. Without God there is no church, we have to depend on God to help us. My church now is falling apart because all they care about is building a new church.

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They care about how much money we need to build it and how much we need to buy new things that we don’t need. Those who don’t care about Just the money but about just being at church are caught in the middle and don’t know what to do. We need to be the salt and the light to the world. To me this means that we need to be the bearer of bad news and good news so to speak. Not knowing God is bad, so therefore when we tell the unsaved about Christ and what he did for us we are ailing good news but there Is also bad news.

They found out that they were going to go to Hell if they didn’t accept Christ as their savior. In conclusion, I believe that to be the salt and light to the world we have to be united as a church first. Without God at the center of the church we will not be united. Not only that the center but we need to be focused on God and not how much money the church brings In. We need to live for Christ and not Just on Sundays or at church but all the time.