Samsung has gained a major position in phone market in UK in recent years. Hence it is not easy for new firm to take its position unless and until they give a better product than Samsung at much lower price. But with an entry of Chinese cell phone like Xiomi and One plus it affected Samsung market in many countries in Asia.   Threats of substitutes Competitor substitutes that can be used in place of a organizations products or services creates a risk among all the companies (Staff, 2018). Samsung visual display business is threatened by indirect substitution such as increasing popularity of leading active lifestyle and spending time outdoor(Dudovskiy, 2018). Samsung visual display is threatened by indirect substitution like increasing demand of spending time in the outdoors in UK. Even Samsung smartphones can be easily substituted with any ordinary mobile phone company. There is an broadening range of mobile and desktop applications that indicate compatible substitute for Samsung’s mobile phone business(Dudovskiy, 2018).  Bargaining power of buyers This factor deals with the ability customers have to drive prices down. It is influenced and affected by number of customers an organization has, how important each customer is, and how much it would charge a customer to switch from one firm to another (Staff, 2018).  This factor can not effect Samsung in UK as it holds a strong customer base for them to bargain price.  Bargaining power of suppliers Bargaining power of suppliers working with Samsung depends on the particular type of supplier.  Samsung has 579 distributors world-wide and the company’s chain link includes more than 2,700 suppliers in various industries across the globe. Firms merchandising general parts and components do not yield substantial bargaining power due to the notability of Samsung’s order volume and its ability to negotiate prices. But, Google exercises an immense bargaining power as the sole supplier of Android platform available to Samsung(Dudovskiy, 2018).  Degree of rivalry Rivalry among existing organizations is intense. The considerable number and diversity of competitors operating in the retail outlet, fuels the extent of competition in the industry(Dudovskiy, 2018). In smartphone market division, Samsung competes with a wide range of other leading brands such as Apple, LG, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, OPPO and others (Dudovskiy, 2018). But its main rival in UK is Apple as it holds a large section in the market.  4.0 Conclusion  This report shows us the clear understanding of Samsung company by having a rough idea about the company’s wrong and right work done, along with the deep knowledge about it’s macro and micro environment. PESTEL analysis in macro covered the external environment while the Porters five forces covered the company internally. It is important for an organization to be both inwardly and externally concentrated, to truly acknowledge and respond to changing customer needs and inclinations.