They say we are now moving into a term they quip a “post racial” era…. So a story like Samuel would tot possibly come alive from a fresh new writer of today… Or could It? Palely leads us through a short time In the lives of four young mellifluous boys named Alfred, Calvin, Tom and Samuel. These boys are taking an alternate route for ruling the subway, one where “they Jiggle and hop on the platform between the locked doors of the subway cars” a slang word they call “Jiggling. This Is not something an adult would do, but as a kid, ]logging Is a fun, adventurous, and daring type thrill ride, one that gets the adrenaline pumping like leaning back to see nothing UT the blue sky while you jerk and inch ever so slowly up that first big hill of a reallocated ride, then seeing that first big plunge that goes straight down past the earth…. A ride that only the truly brave can boast about to friends who are too scared to try. This form of riding the subway cars is dangerous and the lady passengers have become truly annoyed with the boys antics. These ladies continue to curiously watch, yet refuse to interfere.

Some of the male passengers even regard this Jiggling as “sort of stupid” because “they are little. Yet they reminisce in an almost nostalgic trip down memory lane as they pause and remember their own reckless antics as Palely tells us,. “Of course some of the men in the cars were once brave boys like these. Then they thought of some of the brave things they had done when they were boys and Jiggling didn’t seem so risky. ” Palely goes on to tell us about one of the more riskier adventures of one of the male passengers. Though this causes them to think and take pause, the men still don’t consider taking any action.

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Not one word do they say. Not one step to actually stop the boys. This certainly doesn’t speak of bravery but more a coward when you know they are Just kids. After seeing “the boys Jerk forward and backward having to grab the swinging guard chains at the trains sudden slowing motion” one of the ladles, who also had a son of her own, finally “stood up with determination and went to the door. She slid It open and said, “You boys will be hurt. You’ll be killed. I’m going to call the conductor If you don’t just go Into the next car and sit down and be quiet. ” But why TLD she call the conductor, why didn’t she get Involved?

Was she truly concerned with their welfare or was it that since she had to get up anyway for the next stop, she thought she would Soc teen. A maim scolding Is all It seems, as ten Doss continual on Wendell laughing hard at her. Samuel seemed the most amused as he began pounding Alfred on the back, laughing harder and harder. This motion meant hanging on to the chains now with only one hand. One of the men ” whose boyhood had been more watchful than brave” became very angry at watching this transaction and finally decided to react. “He stood up straight and looked at the boys for a couple of seconds.

Then he walked in a citizenly way to the end of the car, where he pulled the emergency cord. ” This sudden stopping thruster the passengers about in the train. They were Jerked forward and forced backwards in an uncontrollable motion. Samuel was “pitched only forward and fell head first to be crushed and killed between the cars. ” There was still no outward reaction from the passengers, only silence. A strange looming silence as they all troubled their minds with questions. This silence seemed awkwardly appropriate for they had all been silent through it all.

Everybody. Nobody stood up to do the right thing. Did the watchful man feel he had committed an act of bravery? The story leads us to believe that the reason for Samuels death is due to the actions of one man and one child. That our actions can lead to negative consequences, when in reality the continual refusal to act, to get involved, to not mind your own business is what ultimately caused the death of Samuel. There are times over and over where all it would have taken is one person to act, to be pro-active, instead they all continued on in their reactive world.

When the policeman knocked at the door and told her about it, Samuels mother began to scream. ” She reacted as most mother’s would to hearing this horrible news. As time passed, the young mother became pregnant again with a boy. When they brought the baby boy in to be nursed she immediately knew that this baby wasn’t Samuel. She knew that “never again will a boy exactly like Samuel be known. ” However, until society really makes the changes needed to get involved and act when they see things that Just don’t sit right with them, then there will continue to be several Samuels born daily.