Schools nowadays are filled with teenagers aggravated by rules. When walking down the hallways, complains about dress codes from girls are heard, upset faces on boys who have been taken away cigarettes are seen. Limitation does contribute to one’s happiness by helping establish a brighter future. Although, drinking on the rooftop as teenagers is often mentioned in lyrics of ass rock music, and excessive alcohol consumption is constantly shown in modern movies, access to liquor is still limited by GE everywhere.

According to many health experts and doctors, liquor is generally not good for anyone, because it keeps people from brain soberness and the ability to think logically, which is a sign of brain damage. Medical research proves teenagers’ brains are easier damaged than adults, because the young brains are still in the progress of maturing. Therefore, it is believed that teenagers should not consume any alcohol.

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Since restrictions lead people to a brighter future, prevention of crimes are also regarded in the making. Speaking of crimes, they are definitely not the right paths to happiness. “Under age drinking” has always been recognized as a crime in most countries in the world. Crimes serve consequences especially to teenagers that are not experienced but want to be so badly. Records In one’s legal documents can have great impact on his life. For instance, opportunities In his future may easily be emitted.

Certain fields of study may deny one with early or serious crime records. Many companies are reluctant to hire people who have associated In Illegal affairs. Failure in finding Jobs does not lead to the happy ending. When one is free from the torture of illness and the frustration from failures, a happy life can be reached. In conclusion, happiness can be contributed by following rules, because limitation helps establish a brighter future.