What is the amplitude of a wave?
height of the wave
What about a sound wave does amplitude change?
What is the wavelength of a wave?
crest to crest/ trough to trough
If you increase the wavelength of a wave, what else does that change about the wave?
lower frequency
What characteristics of a sound wave does wavelength affect?
A low point of a wave is called a _____
A crest is the _____ of a wave.
When the particles of the medium move back and forth along the direction of the wave motion, the wave is a ______ ______
longitudinal wave
When the particles of a medium are far apart, that part of the wave is called a ______
Compression is the part of the medium where particles are _____
A wave in which the particles of the medium move at right angles to the direction in which the wave travels is called a _____ _____
transverse wave
Amplitude is the ____ __ ___ ____
height of the wave
A larger amplitude means _____, smaller amplitude means ____
more energy/ less energy
Frequency is the _______
number of waves produced in a certain time.
How do you measure frequency?
count the number of crests or troughs in a certain time.
Frequency is expressed in ____ and ____ equals _____
hertz/ 1hz/ 1 wave/s
The higher the frequency, the (shorter, longer) the wavelength.
Higher frequency means (more, less) energy
What is wave speed?
speed a wave travels
How do you find wave speed?
measure the distance a single crest travels in a given time.
Sound travels fastest through (liquid, gas, solid). Why?
solid/ more particles to bounce off of
occurs when a wave bounces back after striking a barrier ex.


Bending of a wave as it passes at an angle from one medium to another (speed changes)
Diffraction (defense)
the bending of a wave around a barrier or through an opening
a disturbance that transmits energy through matter or space.
What do waves carry?
Can waves travel in a vacuum?
the substance through which a wave can travel. Can be a solid, liquid, or gas.

Why can’t you hear an alarm clock if you put it in an air tight jar?
sound waves depend on the vibration of air molecules so they must have a medium through which to travel. In a vacuum, there are no molecules to travel through.
Mechanical Waves
waves the require a medium. ex. sound waves, ocean waves, seismic waves, and waves on a guitar string.

If there is an explosion in space, does it make a sound? explain.
no/ sound requires a medium to travel through and there are no molecules in space. It’s a vacuum.
Are light waves mechanical? Explain
no/ light can travel through space so it does not require a medium.