Which of the following statements is the best example of a hypothesis? A) “All men are created equal. ” B) “A penny saved Is a penny earned. ” “Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men. ” C) D) “More than 300 million people live in the united States. ” In the statement, “Poverty causes crime,” the words “poverty” and “crime” are best 2) described as because they are subject to change.

A) unobtrusive measures B) variables C) parametric measures D) correlations ) In the research model, the step in which the researcher specifies what he or she wants to learn about a specific topic of study is called A) defining the problem B) formulating the hypothesis C) choosing the research model D) analyzing the results 4) A) B) The choice of a research method Is also referred to as the research option research design ) research process D) random procedure 5) John has developed a questionnaire to measure Job satisfaction among industrial workers.

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He has administered his questionnaire to ten work groups at the same plant ND on the same shift, but notes that the results among the groups are inconsistent. John’s concern reflects the issue of A) the reliability of his measure B) the representatives of his sample C) the external validity of his findings D) the validity of his operational definitions 6) Tiffany has a keen interest in the original theories of William Sheldon regarding the relationship between body type and Juvenile delinquency.

She has duplicated the study using Sheldon original methodology to see if her results are compatible to Sheldon. Such a study illustrates the concept of A) validity B) reliability C) replication D) correlation 7) What is the defining characteristic off random sample? A) It consists of an equal number of men and women. B) It is created by asking questions of people who randomly happen to walk by. C) It gives each person in the population of interest an equal chance of being chosen. D) It ensures that every person in the sample represents a specific racial, gender, or religious group. ) Jarred is conducting research on the homeless. For six weeks, he has lived among the homeless “24/7,” sleeping on the street or at a shelter, and engaging in the same activities as the population he is studying. By doing so, Jarred has been able to gather a Drama unreasoning AT ten nameless, tenet needs, Ana counterblasts. In blew AT this, Jarred is using as a method of gathering data. A) representative sampling B) secondary analysis C) content analysis D) participant observation 9) What are the three qualities on which research ethics is based?

A) rapport; generalization; validity B) honesty; truth; openness C) random sample; observation; fieldwork D) consistency; accuracy; clarity 10) Which two research methods did Laud Humphreys utilize in his classic “tearoom” study? A) participant observation and surveys B) experiments and documents C) secondary analysis and surveys D) unobtrusive measures and secondary analysis 1 1) Why did a number of sociologists think Laud Humphreys’ research on tearooms was unethical? A) He did not identify himself as a researcher.

B) His study findings could not be replicated. C) He used students to gather and tabulate the data and did not give them credit. D) He popularized in some of his writings. 12) Which sociologist argued that research without theory is simply a collection of unrelated “facts”? I Alcott Parsons B) Elton Mayo C) Paul Light D) C. Wright Mills In addition to choosing the appropriate research method, sociologists must follow research A) guidelines B) procedures C) regulations D) ethics to achieve truth, honesty, and openness. 4) The three conditions necessary for causation between variables are ND A) correlation coefficient; temporal priority; positive correlation B) temporal priority; negative correlation; positive correlation C) negative correlation; spurious correlation; correlation coefficient D) correlation; temporal priority; lack of spurious correlation 15) Steve and Naomi are counting the empty whiskey bottles in trashcans to measure the level of whiskey consumption in town. These researchers are using a method of research referred to as A) documentation B) participant observation C) survey research D) unobtrusive measures