Although I didn’t realize it until recently I have been maturing and growing as a person, which as shown me that my happiness can’t be reached in material things, popularity, or other people. When I was child, happiness was easily achievable in my life, so I thought. As a baby, I used to be happy when I got food, had my diaper changed, or laid down for a nap. In reality, does a baby know what true happiness Is? The obvious answer Is absolutely not. I was Just happy to be alive and breathing. Even though I did not know what happiness was at this time, one factor of life contributed to my happiness.

As a child, I found short-term happiness in materials. I use to love to get new toys, games, and etc. I would get so excited about the new stuff, and I would play with objects for a while. After I played with stuff for while, I would get really bored with it and lose my so called happiness. From the age of five until four-teen I thought happiness came In objects and materials. I really TLD consider what else could be a source of happiness. It Is the sad truth, but I was living my childhood In fake happiness. I was falsely misled by the idea that materials could lead me to the pursuit of happiness.

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I changed my way of looking at what real happiness was when I became a freshman in high school, or so I thought. Although things were pretty simple in my early childhood days, they became more complex in high school. In high school many people followed the same dumb theory of happiness, which was you had to be a popular kid and be In a relationship. I really regret thinking this would be bring me happiness, but I was young and still learning about who I was and what was the most important to me. In my freshman year I went to Gray Stone Day School. I knew literary no one from this high school.

Everyone knew me as the kid that came from South Stanley High School. I had major two goals on my mind and I was going to make ere I achieved them so I would be happy. The goals were to be popular and have a girlfriend because this Is obviously what makes high school kids happy. I made friends with a girl named Lydia, which was the beginning of me cleaving the first goal. I made friends fast and changed my social status really fast. I went from the regular kid to the Mr.. Popular. Now I was kind of happy at the time, but I still wanted to achieve the other goal, which was to get a girlfriend.

At the time, I thought in order to fit in and be happy I needed to have a girlfriend. It’s hard to believe that I really Hough that having a girlfriend could bring me happiness in life. I found the girl of my dreams, so I thong NT. I Cessna rater tens goal or particular gal. all ten way up to my sophomore year of high school. What changed in my life that I realized being the cool kid and having a girlfriend does not matter in the real world, was that being cool and having a girlfriend doesn’t always make you happy. Sometimes this comes with pressures that cause you more unhappiness that true happiness.

I got over the being cool kid part around my Junior year in high school, although it took me a while to get ever this idea of happiness. At this point in my life, I could care less what people thought of me and I really did not care for a girlfriend. I learned a lot of beatable life lessons throughout high school. I learn being considered popular does not bring happiness for me, because as I stated above being popular brings lots of stress that can make you unhappy. I also learned not to depend souls on other people to make you happy, because it simply isn’t their Job. Let other people help contribute to your happiness, not control it.

All of these events have lead me up to my life now. I errantly go to Stanley Community College. I have a part time Job at Food Lion. I have a girlfriend that loves and cares about me. I have my family in my life. I have clothes, food, and a place to live. The most important thing is I have many things that contribute to my happiness such as getting an education, a Job, the material things that are necessary for me to survive, etc. Even more important is I don’t have to be popular to be loved by people that care about me. My life isn’t perfect but I am happy. All of these factors that I learned from my past have helped me achieve my happiness.

They have also help me develop into the person I am today. I found out that happiness does not come from popularity, materials, and not from other people. My happiness comes from within me and discovering who I am and what is important to me. It helps to have happiness by being around people who truly care, helping others, enjoying the little things, and the Joy of being alive. In the end, I would like to believe I have finally found true happiness at eighteen years old, but I am sure there are many other things that will happen in my life to contribute to this type of happiness. We have to wait and see what my future holds.