I believe every person on this planet needs to have a basic understanding of self defense whether they live In a large city, out In the country side, or Jungle In another country. Self defense Is something that anyone can learn. Young children all the way to senior colleens have educated themselves on this life saving education. I myself have been mastering self defense skills since I was about five years old. I have trained in karate, marine corps martial arts, line training, and weapons training.

I am trying to master every self defense skill that I can, not so I can protect just myself and my family but I want to give this precious skill to as many people as I can. This skill is very simple and once your body has memorized the techniques it will become natural if any threatening event occurs. Self defense skills range from finger, hand, elbow, head, knee, and foot strikes. This Is only the hand-etc:-hand fighting techniques. There are weapon of opportunity techniques, edged weapon and firearm techniques. Hand-to-hand fighting Is the Asia training for anyone who Is learning self defense.

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It Is also the most Important. Most people will not carry a pocket knife, a baton, or a concealed pistol on there person. People will not do this because they do not like to have such objects or where they live will not permit them carrying these items. This is why hand-to-hand techniques are the most important. Next is the weapon of opportunity techniques. These techniques teach individuals to use what they have around them as a weapon. Items ranging from a ink pen to a metal pole made for a small sign can be used as a paean. Edged weapons and firearms are the most effective but not always the best weapons to use.

These weapons should only be employed when it is absolutely necessary. If these weapons were taking from the intended user by the wrong person then the Intended user Just Jeopardized what they have been trying to prevent. Edged weapons are basically anything that has a blade. These Items can range from many sizes, but should be small enough to fit In a pocket. Next would be firearms. Firearms are a persons last resort and should never be used unless it is absolutely necessary. Self defense even if an individual never has to use it is still the most important skill they can ever have.

Think of self defense as an personal insurance for your health insurance. Mastering self defense skills makes you a better person and makes the world a better place. Most people think that they will never use self defense and that all self defense causes Is Individuals to get in a fight and someone getting hurt or even worse, killed. But this is not the case. As long as the person with this skill uses It for there own safety and the safety of others then that person has became a great LOL for making this world a better place for everyone.

The biggest misconception that people have Is that they will never put themselves or anyone they know It a position where they can get hurt by another person. This cannot be any farther from the n Do you thank Tanat ten Uninominal tout to rape ten teenage gall Tanat teen nave been following cares about where they are. People who commit these acts do not care about where they are or what time of day it is. You can be walking to your vehicle after work in broad daylight and still get robbed.

I myself have been in the ring place at the wrong time, but since I have mastered these skills I was able to protect my own and my wife’s life. Myself and my wife were leaving the movie theater one summer evening around seven. It was still daylight and there was surveillance cameras at every light pole in the parking lot as well as passing motorist and other people walking to and from the movie theater. When we were about fifteen feet from our car two men came from around the back of the car and one pulled a pistol on me and the other went to grab my wife.

If I had not known how to disarm a weapon from n individual who knows what those to men would have done to my wife and l. Luckily myself and my wife were able to stop the would be robbers from committing any crime on us and we were able to get the theaters security to apprehend the two men before they were able to get away. The two men were sentence to a correctional facility for attempted robbery. I have known other people who have been put in harms way and did not have these tools to help them. Everyone needs to have these skills in there life whether they use them or not.

A person who leaves there young hill or children with a baby sitter should make sure that their baby sitter has some kind of self defense skill, not only to protect themselves from a crazy person who comes to the door or tries to break-in, but the protect your young children while you were out. This world is filled with many crazy individuals that are only looking to cause harm on others, but if you have mastered these self defense skills and have made sure that everyone you know has some kind of knowledge on these skills then this world will become a safer place for you, and your family.