Selina GunsaulsHistory 8McElderry12 December 2017Ch 19 Zinn Mini Essay Make-upIn Chapter 19 – “Surprises”, the surprises the title mention are about how feminists began to have and put out conversations their rights as women in the 1950’s. Women wanted to control their own bodies, for example have the ability to have an abortion or do what they wanted with their baby, not have their husbands and society tell them what to do or not do with them. Zinn brings up how feminists started to acknowledge that normal standards of privacy were furthering sexism- which often led to abuse by males, even their husbands. By discussing the feminist movement of the 1950s-60s, Zinn also arises the fact that women mostly returned to the “homemaker” type positions they were in before the war had started. Another surprise was that women played a role in demonstrating and protesting against Vietnam and they also fought for the Civil Rights movement. Another surprise was about the group, Radical Women, who protested the Miss America beauty pageant by throwing women’s beauty supplies into the trash. These surprises are all a part o of a larger surprise. The idea that Zinn was displaying by mentioning these surprises was the even bigger surprise that after thousands of years of being the underdog, or the helpless heroine, women were finally standing up for themselves, making a change. A large part of that surprise was how the women were striving for a change as well as supporting other minorities and their movements for real change at the same time. Zinn subtly includes that the different persecuted groups of the U.S. like minorities actually often looked out for one another and their rights. Zinn shows how these different movements and groups worked together to support each other’s’ movements and efforts towards better treatment or equality. By doing so, Zinn shows that women also fought against the military drafts and for the rights of blacks during the Civil Rights movement. This is another surprise because racism was very pertinent at that time and Vietnam war started going on as well, so seeing the women’s rights movement was collaborating with other movements was very unexpected.