Colonial America I have e-mailed you, and I have set up an appointment to discuss the choice I should make concerning my topic for this research paper and presentation. I have always been interested in American history, but it seems as though I never gave much thought to the particular time period in which I am most interested. I have concluded however, that I do not know much about Colonial America.

Every time I would sit down and begin to delve deeper into a topic I believed I might want to write about, I loud realize that it did not fall under that “Colonial” category. I am interested in the study of the history of women, and I know that until the Women’s Movement of the sass, not much had been studied in terms of their impact. I had been thinking along the lines of the historical repression of female sexuality, including their reproductive rights. Colonial American society left virtually no window for a woman’s expression of her sexual being.

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Women were often portrayed as being the more lustful sex, but they were never to act as If this were the case. I do not feel that I would have to limit the topic of sex in Colonial America to women specifically, but I am concerned with the broadness of the topic I choose. In looking through books and online for ideas, I did find another angle with which I could approach the aforementioned topic. I could perhaps research and discuss the significance of erotic activity as a form of communication between people of different status and race In the Colonial South.

More specifically, with the time I have had and the research I have one thus far, this would include the relationships that often occurred between a slave and their owners. I know there Is a multitude of literature and texts out that would benefit me greatly If I were to write about this topic, not to mention the possibility of finding primary source documents relating to these “under-the-surface” relationships. I am willing to take these Ideas further of course, as I am Interested in both. I Just need a little help In narrowing things down, and making sure I am on the right track to seriously beginning this research and this paper.