English In history, there have been various wars that have affected the lives of people around the world. The Setting Sun by Oakum Dazzle and The Reader by Bernhard Schlock are both examples of how World War II affected people. In The Setting Sun the author displays how much a country’s tradition changes after imperialism which is why some people might say The Setting Sun best represents the effects World War II had on culture. However, The Reader best describes the effects the war had on cultures because the author compares the parent generation of Germany during

World War II to the generation after which allows readers to have a better understanding of changes in different time periods. In The Reader, Bernhard Schlock shows how the parent generation and the new generation of Germany have different perspectives on life. The parent generation was raised during a time when being a Nazi member was normal. The author uses Henna’s trail as an example. While Hanna was on trial she asked the Judge “1… 1 mean… So what would you have done? ” and the Judge later answers “There are matters one simply can’t get drawn Into, that en must distance oneself from, if the price Is not life and 111-112).

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In this quote Hanna asked the judge what he would have done in her circumstance but the Judge deflects the question and has no remorse. The purpose of this quote is to prove that parent generation had a different way of living. Although the Judge avoided Henna’s question, he had an understanding of her actions which is why he was not sure how to give a direct answer. Bernhard Schlock uses questioning as a literary element. Hanna asks the question in order to put the readers in her position. Due to Henna’s circumstances she had to make certain choices.

The author wants readers to have a deferent perspective of Henna’s decisions because of her circumstances. The second generations of Germany have different views because they weren’t raised In a time when being a Nan member was okay. The second generation was ashamed of Germany’s past. They knew that being a Nazi member was a horrible crime. In The Reader Michael says “Pointing at the guilty parties did not free us from shame, but at least it overcame the suffering we went through on account of it. It converted the passive suffering of shame into energy, activity, aggression.

And coming to grips with our parent’s guilt took great deal of energy (page 170). In this quote Michael explains that the new generation of Germany feels that punishing the former Nazi members for their crimes won’t make Germany’s shame go away but the new generation will no longer be blamed for it’s past. This quote also says that it isn’t easy to forgive the parent generation. The purpose of this quote Is to show now the parent generation brought shame to Germany. Although being a Nazi was a part of German lifestyle during a time period, It still affects Germany today.

Bernhard Schlock uses point of view to allow the reader to understand the effects World War II had on Germany. By comparing two different time pergolas readers wall unreason ten changes rater war. In ten novel ten autumn uses Hanna and Michaels relationship to symbolize the different perspectives’ in separate generations. Most people might say that their relationship is inappropriate which is true because of statutory rape. However, Bernhard Schlock is using their legislations to get readers to understand the separation in Germany.

Hanna represents the parent generation and is more aggressive opposed to Michael which represents the second generation and is more passive. Hanna and Michael had an argument and in the book it says “She was holding the narrow leather belt that she wore around her dress; she took a step backwards and hit me across the face with it. My lip split and I tasted blood. It didn’t hurt. I was horticulture. She swung again. But she didn’t hit me. She let her arm fall, dropped the belt, and burst into tears” (page 55).

In this quote Hanna reacts violently then later regrets it. Michael doesn’t react at all because he is horticulture. The purpose of this quote is to symbolize how the parent generation is more aggressive and/or violent opposed to the second generation which is more passive. The author chose to use this quote to show the power Hanna had over Michael and it symbolizes how the parent generation still had control over Germany at the time. Some people may say that The Setting Sun best describes the effects of war best because the book gives examples of personal issues.

In The Setting Sun the book mainly focuses on harassers that have dealt with the effects of war for example a solider named Ninja fought in World War II and later on became addicted to drugs. The War had a great impact on individuals however, The Reader best describes the effects of war because the novel described the way World War II effect a whole country. Throughout history there have been wars that changes cultures and societies. The Reader best describes that effects if war because Bernhard Schlock uses symbolization to help readers have a better understanding of time periods before and after World War II.