Since I started my research the lack of media attention and education on this subject needs to be discussed to sway the readers to make an outreach to decrease this growing industry. Now it has become a passion and commitment of mine to let the world know what is the hidden truth behind this violent business. Preview: During our time today I will give you the history and the statistics on this industry to help you to understand it. So we as citizens can begin to take action against this perverse and profitable Industry.

Body: l. To really begin to understand what sex trafficking is, you must first understand what the criterion is. A. Definition according to the U. S. Government: Trafficking includes all acts related to the recruitment, transport, transfer, sale, or purchase of human beings by force, fraud, deceit, or other coercive tactics for the purpose of placing them Into conditions of forced labor or practices. B. These victims of sex trafficking are typically 70 percent females, 30 percent males and more than 50 percent are children. C.

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Millions of people around the world still suffer in silence in lave-like situations forced in commercial sexual exploitation from which they cannot free themselves. Translator: Now understanding what sex trafficking Includes let’s discuss how this industry became so huge. II. What are some reasons that contribute to this growing industry? A. The economics of these countries and the abject poverty helped build this highly profitable industry in countries such as parts of Africa, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, and many other countries. B.

Barnacles In these countries have an estimated Income around tender unreal collars a year Ana most AT tense Tamales sell t hillier for money or food for the remaining siblings. C. Victims are promised false jobs in other countries that in their eyes will bring them security, and the freedom of life without struggle. Transition: An opposing argument is some individuals believe that this industry is necessary evil for parts of the world. Ill. Another debate people have on this is the legal and illegal debate. A. It is illegal to enslave anyone.

B. The first international document against slavery was the 181 5 Declaration Relative to the Universal Abolition of Slavery. C. In 1948 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “All human beings are born and equal in dignity and rights”. Transition: Even though to enslave is illegal in many parts of the world prostitution, another form of sex trafficking is legal and needs to be stopped. IV. Knowing now that enslavement is illegal why is prostitution okay? A. In the United States; eleven counties in Nevada still allow prostitution.

B. In Europe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia, and the Netherlands prostitution is legal and regulated which includes operating brothels legally. C. No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it” yet there liberal and have allowed the sex industry to prosper bringing in an estimated profit of 2. 5 trillion yen a year. Transition: Knowing this why is it tolerated and legal when the Law protects these vulnerable individuals and it states that everyone is free.

V. Many of us need to argue this industries equality and fight and ask why it is not enforced by the governments worldwide. A. Why has America gone against The Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal” B. Countries are learnt to such humanistic behavior to make money C. Causing thousands of young children, women, and some men to suffer from severe trauma, health issues, especially Stud’s, severe abuse, and malnutrition.

Transition: Many organizations are starting to develop. I really like the first international nongovernmental organization to focus on human trafficking. Review of Main Points: We have covered what constitutes sex trafficking, the problem, reason why people are mainly trafficked, the lack of awareness, and what is starting to be done. First step is being educated on it to have every citizen come gather to solve this perverse issue with the help of governments worldwide.

Vivid Conclusion: It is a fundamental human right to be free of sexual exploitation in all Its Torts. Women Ana girls nave ten ruling to sexual Integrity Ana autonomy. Despite the 9 billion dollars, isn’t integrity and values more important for the ones of equal opportunity for these victims? We need to stop this and gain control. When will this happen? Will it happen tomorrow or maybe centuries from now? The right of complete freedom doesn’t start tomorrow or centuries from now it always begins right now. References