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Unit 3 Individual Project

MKTG 205 – Principles of Marketing

January 15, 2018














Purpose: To
express in detail the marketing goals and strategies of global manufacturing
company Wal-Mart and its service marketing brand.


A.    Walmart is a multi-billion-dollar
company and an American retail chain that runs thousands of retail stores
surrounding the world. The company’s expansion of business is provided
thoroughly by its Every Day Low Prices strategy. From expanding to several
countries, to updating marketing mix strategies that will ensure developmental
growth; Walmart has created strategies and more to be the company they are

Walmart’s Line of Business

A.    Keeping prices low and affordable
for its consumers

B.     Ensuring customers with a quality
shopping experience.

C.     Continuing to provide the evident one
stop shop for quality retail, general merchandise, dry and perishable groceries.

D.    Staying Americas favorite store
across the world.

Walmart’s 4P’s Marketing Mix Concept

A.    Place

1.      Walmart and its brand has over 11,000
stores around the world; operating in about 28 countries.

a.       This includes a sum of “4600 Walmart
stores and about 650 Sam’s Clubs in the united states alone” (Corporate
Walmart. 2018).

b.      Internationally Walmart has about
6200 outlets

B.     Products

1.      Being a multi-brand retail store
Walmart offers thousands of products, just broken down into several

2.      Walmart’s products

a.       Provides shoes and clothing items
for sale for all ages; infant to adult.

b.      The supercenter and neighborhood
market sales a large variety of grocery products

c.       Walmart’s discount store and
supercenter sales all types of retail products such as toy, books, electronics,
household supplies, office and school supplies, hardware and outdoor, jewelry,
season based products, décor and decorations, and so much more.

C.     Promotions

1.      Using its competitive pricing
strategies Walmart advocates through an overabundant amount of sales promotions

2.      Adopting aggressive brand
promotions, attracting customers through its e-commerce website and weekly
store ads papers, and commercializing daily sale items, or holiday promotions
weeks in advance

D.    Price  

1.      Walmart prices it products cheaper
than other competitors can which allows them to remain at the top of the retail

2.      Depending on the demand at the time
products are priced differently within the hour.

3.       It was stated that Walmart’s global mission
was to save people money so they could live better. (Ghazzawi,
A., Palladini, M., & Martinelli-Lee, T. 2014)

The Competition and Target Market of

A.    The competitors

1.      Target

a.       Walmart’s number competitor for its
super center.

2.      Costco Wholesale

a.       Walmart’s whole sale company Sam’s
Club number one competitor for whole sale bulk products and items

3.      Kroger 

a.       The top grocery store competitor for
its Neighborhood Market

B.     Target Market

1.      Middle class

2.      Low class

Walmart’s Strategies

A.    Product Strategy

1.      Marking prices for products lower
than the competitions

2.      Branding Walmart as the one stop
shop for what is needed keeps Walmart attracting consumers

B.     Distribution Strategy

1.      Walmart has over 150 distribution

a.       “Each distribution center supports
between 90 to 100 stores within a 150-mile radius” (Corporate Walmart. 2018).

2.      Having one of the largest
distribution operations in the world

3.      Located in various areas Walmart has
6 disaster relief distribution centers for rapid response to help the
struggling communities and calamitous areas

C.     Communication Strategy

1.      They have a Walmart foundation that
has established a 2-billion-dollar commitment to fight hunger in America

2.      Giving back to each community in
which a Walmart is located

3.      Keeping communication open with
consumers by creation store performance models inside the store after making

D.    Pricing Strategy

1.      EDLP: Every Day Low Prices

a.       The cornerstone of Walmart’s pricing
strategy allows them to be the go to store.

b.      Large numbers of consumers seeking
affordable prices which allows Walmart to benefit from any form or the economic

c.       Depending on the purchasing
behaviors of the consumers determines the price strategy for specific

2.      Charges 15% lower than the

Other Countries Journey with Walmart

A.    India

1.      In May of 2009 Walmart delegated its
business to India and opens several stores surrounding the country increasing
the GDP.

2.      Walmart uses the strategy that
allows Indian people to feel rich by providing with the opportunity to buy the
same stuff as the rich people (Kamboj, R & Kalia, S. 2011).

3.      Modernize it retail industry and
employ millions

B.     South Africa

1.      Introduced to Walmart in 2011 calling
itself Massmart and operating in more than 400 stores in South Africa (Corporate
Walmart. 2018).

a.       Because of Walmart or Massmart expansion
of the retail capital into working class and low-income consumer markets.

C.     China

1.      Walmart presented its retail
opportunities to China in 1996 and now operates in over 19 cities surrounding
China with the initial name Walmart China.

2.      It was stated that Walmart created
zero waste, and reduced energy use of up to 30% in existing store and 40% in
its new stores (Kamboj, R & Kalia, S. 2011).

D.    Germany

1.      Walmart experienced several issues
in Germany to the point where Walmart opted out of expanding in the country

2.      Having to sell a total of 85 stores experiencing
a loss of over a billion dollars


A.    Walmart has experienced several gains
and very few losses, but with in it all the company will continue to spread widely
and grow rapidly. Globally Walmart’s everyday low prices strategy created opportunities
for everyone to experience a wonderful shopping experience online and inside of
its stores. Ironically their ability to provide thousands of products and  attract over 200 million customers in just the
united states alone helps Walmart stay on top of its retail servicing market and
remain Americas favorite one stop shop.






















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