Theory is displayed in Shawano Redemption through the distribution of power between the administration and the prisoners. Despite the social divisions within the inmates, there is also a hierarchy in which the Warden and guards fall at the top and the inmates fall at the bottom. This is seen in the film as the guards and Warden abuse their powers in order to increase their own personal and economic gain, which is the entire basis of Mar’s Conflict Theory.

In order to achieve their hierarchal advancements the administration often used methods of emasculating and demoralizing the inmates. For example, putting unreasonable restrictions on their basic necessities such as eating and using the restrooms. “You eat when we say you eat. You sit when we say you sit. You pips when we say you pips… “, is a statement spoken by Captain Hadley to a prisoner who innocently made an inquiry about meals.

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The administration constantly acted in the fascist manner as seen in Captain Heyday’s statement, in order to reinforce their authority and to increase the inmates’ feelings of impotence. However, the balance of power changed when Andy Defense defied the role of an oppressed prisoner and became an active and contributing member of the prison. He became the librarian, a teacher and a financial adviser to the guards and the warden.

Deference’s new roles gave him more power and allowed IM advance in the hierarchy of the prison, making him a threat to those who held majority of power. With this new power, Defense was able to gain the Warden’s trust while secretly conspiring against him. In the end he was able to successfully remove the Warden from power causing him to commit suicide. This scenario is an accurate depiction of the conflict theory’s Ideas of different roles and classes competing against each other to advance In the economic and social hierarchy.