Rush Lumbago is a well-known man for speaking his mind on his radio show and through Interviews. Lumbago the author of The Way Things Ought To Be, The Way Things Arena and The IRS v. The People; he’s also a radio talk show host In Sacramento CA. Lumbago wrote an article on sex education titled, Should Condoms Be distributed in Schools? While Rush Lumbago article may be convincing, but when reading his article his argument is not secure. He uses Argument ad Hominid Post Hoc Ergo and Proof by Example, He’s article is vague by his poor choice of words and to Interacting with his audience in a direct way.

Rush Lumbago states in his 12th stanza line 11′ “If anyone Is trying to trick students, Its Planned Parenthood and this band of hedonists who try to tell kids that a condom will protect them from any consequences of seer this statement Lumbago uses is an Argument ad Hominid. An Argument ad Hominid is the meaning of attacking ones individual’s opinion by his/ hers personality, thereby changing the attention from the value of the proposal. When Lumbago calls Planned Parenthood “a band of hedonists” he’s bombarding

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Planned Parenthood attacking there slogan that Its okay to have sex as long as you are safe and smart about It, and making them sound to he’s readers that are reading his article like a bunch of hyper sexuality individuals that its okay to have sex we want you to have sex. In Lumbago article paragraph 17 lines 2-6 he uses Post Hoc Ergo Proper Hoc fallacy, which is presuming a cause, and effect relationship where none exists even though one event preceded another.

He sates that “according to Los Angles Times, administrators In Los Angles public schools have regretfully acknowledged that the sex education courses undertaken In the early sass “might” have correlation to the rolling teen pregnancy rates In there schools which can traced to the same years. ” Lumbago wants to compare the ass era to our 21st century era blaming that because of the sass sex education class that’s why we have high pregnancy rates, yet we can all relate that there’s no correlation between sex education that was taught in the ass and the promiscuity as it is in today’s society.

There are no facts to back up Los Angles Times opinion or Lumbago. In arcograph three, Rush Lumbago tells his readers a story about a boy named Johnny and a girl named Susie, when telling this story he’s trying to give support to his point that absence is a smarter safer decision, but when he tells this story he’s simply implying that all teenage boys have condoms and most likely all girls will say yes to sex whether its sexual intercourse or oral girls will say yes. This is a fallacy of Proof by Example or too few Examples, because he’s presenting an example In his article as proof rather than an Illustration or clarification.

Rush Lumbago has no facts to back up or proof his point of view In his article. In conclusion of Rush Lumbago article, “Should Condoms be distributed in Schools” readers can agree that Lumbago is an opinionate man and speaks his mind and readers can clearly see that while reading his article. I personally like this article but it could have been written in a better way to intrigue he’s readers, and could have more reliable facts to back up on what he’s trying to get across to his readers. As a reader he failed to convince me the correlation Detente winy essence Is a way to go.