Should cellphones be allowed to be used in class? According to ABC 13 eyewitness news, 56% of kids 8 to 12 have cell phones. Their cell phones have multiple uses that can help a child. In fact, the student can use it for research. Somehow if there is a natural disaster or an emergency, students can use their cell phones to contact worried parents. If a child cheats, teachers can do something to prevent cheating. Altogether, phones are great in classrooms.Phones can be useful in an emergency. According to Concordia Portland Online, “if the child forgot something like a lunchbox or homework, he or she can call a parent to get it for them.” Furthermore, If it is the end of the day and the child has no one to pick him or her up from school, they can call someone to pick them up. In some cases, if there is a natural disaster like a hurricane or a flood, kids can use their cell phones to contact worried parents or the fire department. If there is some kind of a endangerment like a shooting, students can call the police. This explains that people can be saved with cell phones.Everyone needs to work on a project or do research. However, what if the child didn’t have a computer and the school could not collect enough funds to provide them? How about the student’s cell phones. For instance, “a child went to a middle school in Texas that couldn’t afford a computer. Instead of a computer, the student used his phone” said CBS DFW. This infers that students could use their phone as a learning tool. Plus, if the school had computers but couldn’t afford internet, kids could use their own phones to access easy internet using data. This shows that phones could be used for research an internet purposes.Lots of kids use their phones for good purposes. Nevertheless, some children use it for bad purposes. For example, cheating on a test. According to educator Michael Strauss, “Test questions are usually so flimsily structured that students can easily look up the answers.” Although, teachers can do multiple things to prevent this. They can confiscate phones. If the phones is used, teachers can take them away and give it back at the end of the day. Teachers can tell the kids to put it in her or his desk until the test is done so no one can access them to cheat. The last reason is that teachers can tell the students to power off their phones. This establishes that the teacher can stop students from cheating in many ways.In conclusion phones should be allowed in school. They can be used to call parents or the authority; therefore, saving people. Phones are also needed in class if there is no internet or computers. If a child tries to cheat on a test, teachers can do things like confiscating phones to prevent it. All in all, phones should also be allowed because they are great use for a student.