Should Women be Allowed to Play Sports With Men?When a person thinks about professional sports, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Is it baseball, football, basketball, or soccer ? These sports all have one thing in common, this is, that all are predominantly played by a single gender, males. In the world of sports, it all started off with only men allowed to play sports. In 1972, a law called Title IX passed, which allowed women to play sports, but not with men. Today the question is, should women be allowed to play sports on the same team as men? Some argue that men are naturally stronger and taller than women and they would dominate sports. Others may believe that if a woman is willing and has the ability to play on an “all boys” team, she should not be refused the chance to play for that team. By looking at statistics, real life stories, and other relevant information, women should be able to play sports with men. In the United States of America, men and women have equal rights. Because this is true, women should be allowed to play sports with men. Many people think that if women play against the opposite gender, they have a higher risk of getting injured, but even if women play against other women, they will still get hurt. Both male and female players are equally able to play all sports. “0.4% of the total commercial investment in sports go to women’s sports” (Irvine). This shows how men’s sports are “more important” to the peoples’ eyes than women’s sports, but this is not true. Americans all have basic rights of freedom and to be treated equally. With that, equality should be the same, even in sports.If people assume that men are much stronger than women, then people can also assume that when women play against men in sports, they will play at their highest potential. Tisha Venturini, a Modesto native, and arguably one of the best soccer players ever, started playing soccer on the Ajax boys team. She played with the boys throughout her childhood and some of her teenage years. Venturini even played on the U.S Women’s National soccer team for eight years. “There may be places for women in men’s leagues.” said former Packers vice president, Andre Bandt (Mcmanus). “Women might break into men’s baseball as a knuckleballer,” said former Red Sox general manager, Dan Duquette. (Mcmanus).  It’s important to speak up because if one loves something, one should not be ashamed of it, one should embrace it.People may argue that women are too weak to play with men. However this claim is invalid because women are just as athletically talented as men. Women are tough! Injuries that happen to women have the same chance of happening on a co-ed team. It is true that many women are born with a smaller frame than men, but I believe that it is the women’s choice to play or not. Co-ed teams should be further encouraged and more available to everyone. Women should be offered the same opportunities as men. “These are resurrecting old stereotypes that limits girls’ opportunities in athletics” (Fromson and Makar-Hogshead).By looking at statistics, real life stories, and other relevant information, women should be allowed to play sports with men. There should be no reason at all why any woman should be turned down for playing a sport she is talented at playing. If more people took the time and effort to watch women’s sporting, events they would realize the skills and talents women possess. People need to recognize women’s athletic ability and consider it just as valid as men’s athletic ability. Women have every right to play alongside men, and if given a chance, people will not be disappointed.