Which layer of the Earth is the thinnest?
Name the layers of the Earth inner to outer
Inner Core, Outer Core,Mantle ,Asthenosphere , Lithosphere , Crust
Which layer is the thickest?
What element is commonly found in all layers?
Fe, or Iron
Describe how Earth’s plates move
Divergent, Convergent, Transform
Where do Earthquakes and volcano’s usually occur?
Along plate boundaries 
The waves from earth qaukes are called ______
Seismic waves
A shift in the plates cause energy in the form of what?
Name the three types of rocks
Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic
How does igneous rock form?
When molten lava cools
How does Sedimentary rock form?
Sediments get compacted and cemented together
How does metamorphic rock form?
Heat & pressure on sedimentary rock
Define potential energy
Energy that has the potential to move
Define kinetic energy
Energy in motion
What is friction?
Something resisting motion
What is the greatest force?
What the formula for speed?
Speed = Distance ?timeS=D?T
Something orbiting around something else
Something spinning(orbiting)
The path in which planets travel around the sun is called a what?
What does a space probe carry?
Instruments ( not people )
Compare the Inner and Outer Planets
Inner- Terrestrial Outer-Gas Giants 
What force keeps the planets in their orbits?
Orbit shape?
Asteriod is made of?
Space rock
Comets are made of?
Ice and dust
Compare Autotrophs and heterotrophs
Autotroph- makes their own food Heterotroph-Eats Other Organisms
Compare Eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Eukaryotes-All organelles and multicellularProkaryotes-No nucleus and unicellular
All organisms made of?
Food chain
Transfer of energy
Food web
Interconnected food chains
A change an organism makes to survive in its environment
Compare biotic and abiotic
Biotic-aliveAbiotic- not living
Three members of an ecosystem
Producers, consumers , decomposers
Break down dead organisms
Who devised taxonomy system? Why?
Carolus Linnaeus, so that an animals name is understood in all languages
8 levels of taxonomy in order