The main religion of the culture in Chronicles of a Death Foretold; Pedro Paramour Is Catholicism. Through both novels they display various kinds of honor through the main characters and the way that hey develop through the course of time. In the two novels the consequences of breaking the honor code never crossed the minds of the characters. This is a reason why when the Vicarious brothers found out that Angela had been raped that they took initiative to kill him. In this society “The brothers were brought up to be men. ND the girls were brought up to be married… (Marquee 31)” so by them killing Santiago they were sticking to the honor code. Juan Ruler shows the society is faithfully inclined to Catholicism; but the “brother and sister that Pedro stayed with are still committing Incest. In contrast. Both of the novels go against their societies honor code. Chronicles, although Angela stated that Santiago Nasal raped her, the reader never knows if she is telling the truth, it is almost as If she pulled it out of mid-air. She only took the necessary time to say the name. She looked for it in the shadows, she found it at first sight among the many, many easily confused names from this worlds and the other, and she nailed it to the wall with her well-aimed dart, like a butterfly with no will whose sentence has always been written. Santiago Nasal… (Marquee 47)”. In the Chronicles, Maria Cervantes is the town’s prostitute. She is a prime example of hypocrisy within the characters and the view of the society.

Maria Is “the most elegant and the most tender woman (Marquee AY’, when in reality if the societies views, beliefs, and actions Sullivan 2 were to coincide with each other, Maria is seen as a disgrace to women and to her traditional society. The honor that had occurred in this society surrounds two people Maria Cervantes; Angela Vicarious. Maria and Angela almost play contradicting roles toward each other, because in Catholicism, committing adultery is a sin, Maria omitted it and broke the honor code but was not treated differently, and Angela was raped but was still counted as breaking the code; was seen differently by the society.

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In this society a numerous amount of the acts committed by the characters was done by their portrayal of their societies honor, for example, the vicarious brothers. ‘Before God and before men,’ Pablo Vicarious said. ‘It was a matter of honor (56)”. The murder that they had committed, they felt it was honor that drew them to it, although we killed Santiago we should not be punished because we were staying “true” to the honor code. This goes into play with Pedro Paramour, their societies unthinkable had also been violated, which placed our focus on adulteration.

For example, with Juan and the incestuous couple. The nameless woman whose brother took her as his sexual partner tells Juan Précised Don’t you see my sin. Don’t you see those purplish spots? Like impetigo. I’m covered with them. In addition, that is only the outside: inside I’m a sea of mud (Ruler 51), when Juan Précised sleeps with her and wakes to find her body “melting into a pool of mud” (57). Much of the honor produced by the characters had the same idea. Maria Cervantes was in a society that had heavily believed in sinning, mainly incest.

Although no one actually knows the truth of her being raped by Santiago, she was not going to reveal the truth because she knew that by her revealing the truth her honor would be put to shame; with Pedro and Susann, their imaginations exhibit iconography, in relation with virgin Mary. His obsession for Susann is sexual, but his devotion goes beyond her reach with his Sullivan 3 predatory embrace. This same idea happens with Ana and Miguel, because Miguel had raped Ana, Father Airiness’s niece.

Referring back to Maria being that he was a prostitute; the society seen nothing wrong, which was contradictory to their reaction to finding out that Angela was not a virgin either. “She taught us more than we should have learned, but she taught us above all that there’s no place in life sadder than an empty bed (65). ” This quote alone shows that Maria Cervantes is not presented as an unworthy women with a dirty profession, but the woman who taught the men about sex. In the end of both novels, my thoughts are that if both Angela and Pedro had not lied and committed incest things would have been different.

Santiago would not have died and Pedro would not have been alone. The way things played out in the novels plays a huge role on the conclusion. This alone goes to show that although these characters had committed such acts that would put them to shame, while they committed these courageous acts there was no thought of them being put to shame but in the end, honor was all they had in that society. Sullivan 4 Marquee, Gabriel Garcia. Chronicles of a Death Foretold. Trans. Gregory Rabbis: New York: A Division of Random House, Inc. , 1983, Vintage. Ruler, Juan. Pedro Paramour. Trans. Margaret Sayers Piped. New York: Grove Press, 1994. Print