Each cup received a different kind of lighting but all had 12 hours of little to no light each day. The cups were monitored and observed for 3 weeks. The results are the seeds that received little to no light had grown the most but the seeds that were exposed to natural light had the healthiest parts. The seeds that were exposed to artificial light were In the middle with almost the same height as those who received little to no light, but slightly greener. With this Information we conclude that natural light works best in producing healthy plants and that artificial is similar to having little to no light.

Introduction In the mid-1600, Flemish physician Jan Baptists Van Hellion conducted an experiment wherein he planted a young willow tree inside a pail of soil and allowed it to grow for 5 years. After 5 years, he observed that the willow gained 164 pounds to its original weight, but the soil only lost 2 ounces. Van Hellion then concluded that the willow tree did not get most of Its nutrients from the soil and hypothesized that It test most of its weight from the water accumulated over the past 5 years.

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In the asses, Dutch scientist Jan Ingenuous discovered that plants release oxygen after observing green plants placed underwater release bubbles, while Swiss botanist Jean Snobbier discovered that CA Is required in plant growth. With this accumulating information, German physicist Julius von Mayer proposed that plants convert radiant energy from sunlight Into chemical energy. In the modern world, there are many methods used in agriculture that allow plants to receive radiant energy in order to go wrought photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis divided in 2 processes: the light reactions stage and the Calvin Cycle. In the light reactions stage, radiant energy is captured usually by organelles in the plant called Chloroplast. Chloroplast is usually found in leaves and Is always found in green plants and algae. The energy from the light reactions stage Is teen uses In ten Calvin cycle to produce sugars Tort ten plant. However, there are many people who debate over which method is better in producing the most and the healthiest plants.