Thomas Showman Eaton MAKE 300 9 December 201 2 Simulation Paper In the first quarter and second quarter, I had to develop my brand name, the target segment, the responsibilities as Vice President, and location of where I will sell my product. I chose the name Pacers for my brand name. When I think of selling computers, I want a brand name that sounds fast and reliable; I came up with a few names and chose Pacers because It makes the consumers or buyers think the computer is fast and reliable. When I was choosing a target market, I chose Mercedes because my uncle works for a Mercedes dealership, I thought my knowledge on

Mercedes would help benefit when designing my product. For responsibilities as Vice President, I chose V. P. Of Finance as my primary responsibility and V. P. Of Market Research as my secondary responsibility. I am an accounting major and I have been working In the financial department for two years, my knowledge and experience of finance would benefit the product along with market research. The location was based on my market research. Chicago was a conservative choice because Chicago was one of the best choices among all three target segments.

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When I expand my reduce in the future, I will be able to sell my product more efficiently among all three target segments. During the second quarter, I was designing my product specifically toward Mercedes based off the market research. The product was designed with: Office Software, Database Software, Engineering Software, Manufacturing Software, 1 Dastard desktop, high capacity hard drive, high speed, expanded keyboard, and networking. Although it cost more to make the product, Mercedes was willing to pay more money If the product would benefit them.

I set the price of my computer at 31 50 dollars and a 200 dollar rebate because I Hough I would attract more consumers at the beginning and Increase the product as the simulation progressed. When I designed the advertisements, I used Mercedes needs and segments from the Market research. The ad was designed: 1 . Brand name, 2. Fastest processor on market, 3. Link PC with other networks, 4. Engineer APS, 5. Manufacturing APS, 6. Database APS, 7. Picture, 8. Rebate. I used their needs because I thought it would make Mercedes willing to buy more of my product.