After reading these two articles, Chinese show that they love social with others and Japanese value others feeling. In my pollen, Chinese people are too superstitious. The artifact shows that’ Chinese people avoid Glenn clocks, handkerchiefs and so on to the others’ Just because they think that these are all associated with dying. Actually, these things are quite useful for me so I won’t mind receiving them. In Japan, they suggest to give the host a small and inexpensive food item to show their courtesy when they visit.

I quite appreciate t. Nowadays, people tend to buy some luxury items to show their care for the friends. Yet, this action will make people’s relationship become more and more materialistic. There is an old Chinese saying ‘a small gift may be a token a profound friendship’ and it’s always true. Besides, the dining part In Chinese and Japanese both catch my attention. I never thought that I need to leave some food on my plate If I am full as I think this Is a bit of waste. In Dalton, I don’t agree with Chinese people regard alcohol consumption as a way to social with others.

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Alcohol not only harm our health, but also easy to cause some accident as the people don’t know what they are doing If they are drunk. In contrast, Japanese seems more hygienic and well-behaved. They try hard to not affect others. In view of this, I would prefer the Japanese dining culture more than the Chinese one. As two countries may have a totally different social etiquette. Therefore, it’s really important to have an in-depth understanding about different countries’ social etiquette. This action not only help us to enhance our knowledge but also improve our relationship with others.