According to Danna Boyd and Nicole Ellison, authors of “Social Network Sites:Definition, History, and Scholarship,” social networks must contain here elements In order to be named such. Those three elements are, “(1 ) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of toner users Walt whom teeny snare a connection, Ana flew Ana traverse list of connections and those made by others within the system” (210-230). 1 . All current major networking sites fall under these categories. B.

The very first social networking site that launched was Goddesses. Com. 1 . The virtual doors were opened in 1997 and there wasn’t another that opened for another two years. A. The site shut down in late 2000 due to not finding a profitable and sustainable business model (Boyd, C. The next site that launched was Live]urinal. Com in 2001. 1 . This was the start of social networks sites finding a way to produce site money from advertising and lead to the outbreak of social networks being created. D. Social Network sites are not businesses, they are simply networks run by advertising. Negation) Transition: Knowing the history now, we can look at how we use social networks today. II. College students rely on Faceable and social networks to connect with friends, family, and classmates to exchange information, chat, or Just see what one another is currently doing. A. The number one used site used is Faceable. It is an easy site to operate and it is free to sign up for! 1 . You can easily communicate with anyone at anytime. It not only allows you to share typed texts but there is a sharing of multimedia in the form of videos and photos. A.

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You can like and comment on any of your friends statuses to share your thoughts. B. There is marketing and publicity on all social network sites to promote and advertise businesses. 1 . Such companies like Microsoft and AT use social networking sites to promote new products and services. A. For example, Microsoft’s Twitter page actually has a quick and easy espouse system. Ask the account a question with a message and almost an instant response by one of the employees. There is I Nils type AT company-consumer Intervention wasn’t easily addle social networks existed. Example) C. The 2008 Presidential election used social network sites to the fullest extent possible to gain supporters. Detour 1 . Hilary Clinton was the first to do so by frequently uploading campaign videos, virtual town meetings, and befriending many people on Twitter and Faceable. 2. Barack Beam’s Faceable and Twitter accounts blew up with campaign ad’s, videos, photos, locations, and fans writing on his wall to support IM. A. His presidential victory was greatly supported by his social networking strategies and posts.

Transition: The use of social networks are proven to be advantageous so we will talk about the influence it has on our lives today. Ill. Every individual in the world wants to keep in touch with friends and family, and that’s exactly what social networks provide. A. Social Networks give us a voice online that allows us to communicate in almost real-time with other people that share similar interests. 1 . It is an easy process to write on someone Faceable or Namespace wall and they will respond when they log back on to their account. . This instant access to talk to people gives us a sense of community that could not be reached without social networking. B. This can let us reconnect with friends that we went to high school and college with. B. Posting and blobbing important events has changed the evolution of communication. 1 . Being able to broadcast not only what were doing, but also our experiences in important or historical events is one of the uses of today’s social networks. A. In January of 2009, when a U. S.

Airways plane crashed in the Hudson River in New York, a man who witnessed the crash was the person to broadcast the report through his Twitter account. He first ad propagated the story through his phone. The photo got the span of four hours. 40,000 plus views in C. Social networks today help spread news quicker than ever before and almost immediate access to on-site so called “citizen Journalists. ” allow 1 It Is a new source AT communication Tanat lets u say whenever you want for users Just to say, “Faceable me! Or “Tweet me! ” a. All major social networks are mobile and can post about your life and your experiences in the matter of seconds from anywhere you are. D. Social networks are now influencing education worldwide. 1 . Universities have started opening doors to the possibilities of social outworking. Even JUS uses Faceable to spread news about campus activities. 2. The Birmingham City University in England is currently offering a Master’s Degree in Social Media.