Social media is
the biggest thing that has transformed and modernized the business sector in
the past few decades. It is gaining momentum globally with business as the top user of Social media sites. This change has
an all pervading impact on the functions of Human Resource Management (HRM) particularly
in recruitment. The application of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn
and others is
growing tremendously in process of hiring. Social
networks are putting forward a powerful tool for recruiters to reach a pool of
potential and qualified candidates that they might not otherwise be able to
reach through traditional methods of recruitment. It makes the recruitment
process more open and democratic. Most of the companies instead of depending on
traditional way of hiring the candidates are employing modern methods by
adopting social networking sites which is cheaper alternative method of hiring
in spite of giving advertisements in newspapers, news channels and job portals,
or consultancies which increases the
expenditure. Social media platform has become a pervasive and influential tool
that human resource department of every company employ at present to obtain a
competitive advantage. It has brought success to the business firms in terms of
improved interactions with the potential candidates at cheap costs. This paper discusses
the growing impact of social media on one of the most important functions of
human resource management i.e. recruitment and studies its future outlook or
scenario.The organizations have been
rationalized by technology in recent years. The workforce is frequently being
altered to adjust to the organization’s technological needs through the use of
social media sites, online websites, and a number of other advancements. At
present Social media has become the most discussed topics in business industry,
as it can be employed to accomplish
one of the most important functions of human resource management i.e.
recruitment which can also be described as electronic
recruitment or e-recruitment. It has revolutionized the human resource sector,
and has the prospective to make an even superior impact as technology evolves and
diffuses. It has exploded over the past few decades, with companies using
diverse outlets to post job openings, interact with employees, clients and
customers. Instead of depending totally on external sources of recruitment,
many companies and firms are focusing on searching specific talent through
Social Media for instance, LinkedIn, Face book, Twitter, and Google+. They are
particularly using LinkedIn to identify talent. The application of social
networking sites in recruitment process increases employer branding in the
business world. Social media in company branding efforts can be helpful in building a good
reputation. This is important due to the established link between a positive
corporate reputation and applicant intentions to apply for a job (Sivertzen,
Nilsen, & Olafsen, 2013). It
can reduce recruitment costs by up to 95% over traditional recruitment sources
and reduces hiring cycle time by roughly 25% (Cober et al.,
2000). Recruitment via social media dramatically increases the size
of the applicant pool by attracting the qualified candidates (Boehle, 2000).
Hence, it’s important for the employers to study how they can exploit the power
of social media to recruit talented and potential employees across the country
for their organization as they only provide
extra communication channels with much potential.