Some important advantages of Bitcoin (BTC) are as follows:• Bitcon is called as “the future of money” because it is non-inflationary. Basically, the fiat currencies are not in print as much as the central government desires. When it is not possible to pay off its national debt and financial system starts to go slow down. The government then commands to print more currency. As a result the value of currency decreases. Printing more notes increases inflation and the prices of goods and commodities also increases. But on the other hand, this is not going to happen in the Bitcoin (BTC). Only 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) will ever be produced and everyone knows it. This means the bitcoins (BTC) are all matured enough and cannot be grown. The number of Bitcoins (BTC) cannot increase and inflation will not automatically.• Just similar to central government who can prints its own money, you can create your own money. All you have to do is mining. Mining bitcons (BTC) doesn’t meant physically mining it means simple leave the computer switched on and keep running the Bitcoin mining software.• For merchants there is the facility to accept Bitcoin payments, from any part of the world business can approach at the touch of a button. The merchants can then decide whether to exchange right away at the paramount exchange price on the market to their restricted currency using services.• Timing plays an important role. As cheque, credits card and debit card takes a lot of time, a transfer of money across the takes too long. Bitcoin (BTC) is supposed to confirm it within few hours. The reason of such faster confirmation is that it is possible to double send your bitcoins to a similar person. Eventually the decentralized group will identify only one operation, so one person you paid will neglect on their Bitcoins.• If you transfer your payment or pay off by cheque or by debit or credit card, there is usually fees, which with the passage of time can add up extensively. Bitcoin has extremely low transaction fees – in fact occasionally they are even free.These were the few benefits of Bitcoin (BTC) as a system of payment. It is worth accepting from merchants and buyers alike. In this decade it is somehow likely to change E-commerce space as it gain suction. And adopting it early would be a great initiative for business of buyers and sellers.