Critique – Shakespeare Essay The first thing that I noticed about the essay is that the title is extremely generic and give the reader no clue about what they are about to read specifically. The title does not tell the reader about what specific aspect of Shakespeare will be discussed and what it will pertain to. The next thing that troubled me about this essay was the author’s extremely personal tone. This essay is intended to be a formal essay and when the author uses a first person narrative and phrases such as “by the way” and “boring stuff like that” it causes the essay to lose the formality it should have.

The author has also failed to go back and edit his or her essay. There are numerous grammatical and spelling errors. Some examples include the first sentence which should have been written as, “When Shakespeare was a kid going to grammar school – a school open to boys only – they learned Latin, Greek, rhetoric, and persuasion through logical argument”. The author of this essay should also go back and check his use of possessive pronouns. In paragraph four, the author writes lame’s instead of the correct Sesame’s and Shakespeare’ instead of Shakespearean.

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The tutor also does not Indent at the beginning of each paragraph. Lastly I find that the author has not used proper MEAL format throughout the essay especially when integrating quotes Into the essay, and In the format of their Work Cited. The quotes should have been followed by references to the act, scene and line(s) that the quotes came from (in parentheses) In Shakespearean Macbeth so that the quotes would have followed proper MEAL format. The works cited passage format also Is wrong. The author should have written: 1. Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. Toronto: Longhand Canada