South Africa, you may be escaping South Africans problems, but don’t fool yourself because you will be met by new problems on the other side. If crime is your concern and the motivation behind your emigration, it is understandable. We do after all have the second worst murder rate in the world. Although the US has the highest amount of rapes, we have been burdened with the title of “rape capital of the world”. These are problems difficult to defend but they still do not place us on the tip of the crime knife.

The US are ranked number one for car theft, the UK second and France third, e do not appear on the list until ninth place. This shows that first world countries are faced with problems too, we are not a first world country, and therefore we have space for improvement. Enough with the negative stuff, all aboard the AS “good news’ roller coaster. True statistics show that murder rates are declining and that this year has had the lowest murder fugues since 2002, rape figures have also decreased 8. % over the last year. The government has also emptied out their piggy banks and have put 9. 7 billion rand towards crime and safety in South Africa and have recruited 1 1. 00 additional policemen. They are putting in a tremendous amount of work to fasten our country for 2010. If there Is one thing the light of hope Is shelling upon, It Is our economy. There has recently been an economic uncertainty in international markets world wide, recently we saw the bankruptcy of a huge financial institution in America.

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Hence there are no guarantees financially. While they battle through their economic crisis in America, our economy is growing by 4. 2%, our stock markets are growing, employment is growing and inflation has been contained. It doesn’t end there, we are also the fourth largest producer of diamonds and have huge deposits of coal and other mineral recourses, therefore making us a leading exporter of mineral resources. This country has money bags full of economic potential.

Economically we are spoilt In AS we can afford nice sized houses, with gardens, we can satisfy our needs and still afford our luxuries. Other countries are much more expensive so when you emigrate, your house, your garden and your bank account are likely to shrink. I am aware that our power shortages can cast shadows upon national pride. But south Trace Is responding to ten canalling Walt Investment, unlike our northern neighbor. Eskimo is spending RARE billion to try and restore our electrical supply shortage and investing 85 billion in cleaner coal-fired power stations.

With figures like these there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many people are considering emigrating because they are worried about the political situation in AS. Presently there is uncertainty about the future of politics in South Africa, The NC has been in power since 1994 and while in power, they have made regress and tackled challenges in this country, such as: poverty, building the economy in a sustainable manner, education, health care and creating Jobs at an accelerated pace.

Although the NC does have its faults, they have been the cement that has built unstable parts of our country. They fought for equality and lead the road to freedom, they eradicated problems in our country and lived up to the majority of promises they made, I think we should all have confidence that they will continue to improve our nation. Before you pack your bags and Jet off to another country, I ask you to think for a moment. It all sounds like a fun adventure until you really think about the life changing decision you are making.

This is a beautiful country, from the Jacaranda trees of Pretoria to the Mimosa trees of the Bushnell, the landscapes are exquisite, diverse and 100% indigenous, you will never stumble across landscapes as beautiful in another country. The weather is warm and tropical and the lifestyle is one we take for granted. The children in this country have a chance to be active and outdoors instead of being locked up in a little house because the weather in winter is too cold. We have domestic help so we can spend more time with our families and most of all we have a rich culture.

The South African culture is so unique and people who emigrate become hungry for the richness of their South African culture and the company of their South African brothers and sisters. South Africans are warm and loving people, may it be the friends you briar with or the person you met for the first time in pick ‘n pay, you will have a bond, an South African bond. Is this a bond you want to break and leave behind? I am a proud South African, I always will be a proud South African and I am here to stay!!