South Dakota State
Medical Holding Company, Inc. is an ancillary of Avera Health. It is currently
doing business as DAKOTACARE. DAKOTACARE is a managed care system that offers
health insurance to members, providers, and employers in South Dakota. The
company offers group plans, inexpensive single and family plans, dental plans,
disability insurance, life insurance, vision insurance, and voluntary workplace
products. It also includes a list of providers including physicians, hospitals,
pharmacies, psychologists, chiropractors, optometrists, surgical centers, durable
medical equipment, home health supplies, and treatment centers. (Bloomberg,

South Dakota State
Medical Holding Company, Inc. was founded in 1986 by a assembly of physicians
in South Dakota. They wanted to do what people said could not be done and
create a pioneering health care system. This healthcare system was designed to
keep the patients care decisions in the hands of the providers. DAKOTACARE was
not like no other health plan, it was able to provide medical services at economical
rates and restructuring the claims process. DAKOTACARE is based in Sioux Falls.
It currently has 123 employees. As of January 31, 2016, South Dakota State
Medical Holding Company, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Avera Health. (Bloomberg,

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According to Rob Bates,
Senior Vice President of Avera Health says the goal of DAKOTACARE is “to
provide innovative plan options and exceptional service by being responsive to
your needs,” (DAKOTACARE, 2018). DAKOTACARE has the same values as Avera. They
have a common focus of meeting the needs of South Dakota residents, employers,
and physicians. Their priority concern is the people they serve. The values of
Avera are compassion. hospitality, and stewardship. The mission of Avera is to
make a positive impact in the lives and health of people and the communities by
providing quality services.