The film was deliberately engaging with America’s own history of slavery and the controversial role of slaves in building up the American republic into a world power. In your view, what is currently the biggest social problem that threatens the survival of the American republic? Defend your position with reasoned arguments (not assertions! ) “Illegal immigration is crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, adding costs to our Judicial, healthcare, and education systems” – Timothy Murphy.

Mr.. Murphy obviously has a very strong opinion regarding immigration but he is not wrong in his description. Immigration, In my opinion, is the biggest social Issue that could threaten the survival of the American republic. Some of the reasons that I believe Illegal Immigration will lead to Its downfall are that It hurts the economy, puts a burden on taxpayers, and can bring in violence, drugs, and terrorists. Illegal immigration is and will continue to hurt our nation’s economy. These illegal immigrants will work Jobs for less money than naturalized citizens will.

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This in turn, rates a higher unemployment rate for Americans. In turn, unemployed Americans get upset that people who are not legally allowed to be here are taking their Jobs which will cause turmoil In the nation. As well, Illegal Immigrants entering the united States already are breaking multiple moral rules. They are deceiving their employers because employers have to hire legal citizens, which they are not, and they are not obeying the law because, well, its illegal for them to be here.

There is some justification for illegal to come here, such as they will have a better place to live, and utter Job opportunities. But we must remember that legal citizens must have the same things and they have earned that right to a better living condition and better Job opportunities. There are plenty of Immigrants that come over and get proper work visas as well as eventually gaining citizenship after 7 years and passing tests. If we do not fix the border issues, our nation will soon be engulfed in illegal immigrants who, unless are highly educated, will ultimately be our nations demise.

Illegal immigrants put a burden on taxpayers in various ways. For one, they take advantage of our unmatched health services but yet have no way to pay for it. They constantly use emergency rooms Ana Decease teen don’t pay taxes, teen won’t pay back the bills. And because the hospitals and doctors need money to operate, someone needs to pay for that hospital visit. This now becomes a burden on the average taxpaying American. This can be seen as breaking the moral rule of depriving pleasure.

The extra money that taxpayers have to pay to cover for illegal immigrant’s hospital bills could be better utilized by that family and could increase their pleasure or lifestyle. As well, taking advantage of our healthcare system without paying for it could be seen as breaking the moral rule of do not cheat. In essence, they are cheating the system because they get basically free healthcare that other Americans have to pay for. This could eventually cause a big enough rift in America that could cause the American republic to crumble.

If illegal immigrants continue bring in drugs, violence, and powerful cartel members or terrorists, the country could be in very deep trouble. The underground world could become so influential in politics that the idea of a republic would be stored. Large conglomerates already have a huge influence in the policies today and with an enormous amount of money being poured into the illegal drug market, cartels could have more say in the running of our country than politicians.

With cartels and illegal drugs, the moral rules that are in Jeopardy are: don’t kill, don’t cause pain, don’t deceive, obey the law. Ultimately, if the cartels gain a large influence in the United States government then the nation as a whole is in very deep trouble. The case of illegal immigration and the idea of closing our borders is a very introversion subject and both political parties have polar opposite ideas on how to deal with it.

This rift alone can cause problems for the republic. Understandably, this is not the only subject that the two parties don’t see eye to eye on but Just the fact that the two are so split will potentially be a major cause if not the main cause that the American republic falls. Illegal immigration is, in my opinion, the biggest social issue that could cause the dismantlement of the American republic and this issue needs to be resolved very quickly in order for our state to remain in tact.