I wanted to get them an awesome gift Like a new flat screen TV but It just wasn’t possible with my budget. There were some disadvantages and advantages of shopping online. One advantage was It doesn’t take as much time. I TLD have to drive to a town to buy anything I could stay at home. Another would be I could compare prices easier. I could make better comparisons with less effort. I could also look at a variety of accessories from all over the world instead of just in one town and it wouldn’t take very long. There were a few disadvantages as well.

One was I didn’t really get to enjoy shopping. I enjoy going shopping at stores with friends and shopping online wasn’t as much fun. Another disadvantage was I didn’t get to see the products in person before I bought them. I like to see what I buy and try on the accessories first. Lastly, online shopping can be a disadvantage because on some products you have to pay not only the cost of the item but the shipping cost too. There are also advantages and disadvantages of shopping in person. One is when I .NET to the store I could try everything on. I tried different dresses on and a bunch of shoes.

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Another would be I could enjoy the shopping. I took my friends with me and had fun. It was also an advantage because I got to see the items in person and ask opinions on them. I could see if there was something wrong with the item and I could ask my friends what they thought of them. One disadvantage would have to be a store being out of an item I really wanted. Online they always have everything in stock. Another would be that I had to take the time to do all the shopping. I had to rive to the stores and spend extra money on gas to get there. Lastly, a disadvantage would be that it gets tiring.

Walking around with bags and being around a bunch of other people can get tiring. I would spend more money shopping In Carlsbad because it’s a small town and goods and services cost more. To stay within my budget I might shop online for the big Items Like my dress and the tuxedo. I might also shop In a larger town for the smaller things because they will be less expensive and I could stay within my budget. I comparison shopped for my dress. I looked at a couple from ACH different website and found one that I liked and would work with my budget.

I also comparison shopped for gifts for my maid of honor and his best man. I looked at different gifts and found ones that were perfect. I comparison shopped for my decorations also. I found many different decorations and chose the ones that fit with my budget and that I thought would look great. My three largest expenses would be my pantographs, ten plane outlets, Ana my waling cress. I would comparison snoop for my photographer by asking people who the best person to hire would be and look ND those people’s prices.

When I found one I liked and the cost fit with my budget I would hire them to photograph my wedding. For the plane tickets I would check different websites for prices on the flight I need and would pick the one that I could afford. I would also comparison shop for my wedding dress. I would look online to see the dresses and costs on different websites. Then I would look around at some stores to see if any of them would be better. Then I would compare them to the ones online and chose whichever one I liked best and had a good price.