Since the creation of the United States competition has been a driving force in pushing Americans to do their very best. For instance, competition pushes companies to make the best and cheapest products. Competition has not only led businesses to do their best it has led people to be their best physically. A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another, or others, for entertainment. This has led to American’s obsession with sports in the United States.

In America people love their sports and there are three main types of sports that Americans enjoy: violent sports, sports on the global stage, and sports that define a nation. Americans have always loved the thrill and excitement that comes from violence, and it shows in their obsession with violent, hard hitting sports. Football is the most popular sport in America, because of it’s fast action, hard hitting excitement that keeps fans on the edge of their seat watching attentively to see what is going to happen next. Both teams set up on the line of scrimmage, the quarterback yells, “Down, set, hut hut, hike. The center snaps the ball and the players collide with a crunch of the pads. The defensive player tackles the ball carrier with bone crushing strength. The ball carrier takes the blow only to get up and do it again. Football may be the most popular violent sport in America but it is not the most violent. The Ultimate Fighting Club, better known as “UFC. ” Is one of the, if not the most violent sport in America. UFC is the very image and core of violent sports in America. Much like its older counterpart boxing, it is a sport in which two fighters fight to knock out their opponent.

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But instead of using only your fists, you can fight using almost any body part to knock out your opponent. With violent sports growing increasingly more popular, it is no surprise that football and UFC are two of the more popular sports in America. America loves showing off their talents on the world stage. The FIFA World Cup is a perfect example of the United States competing against other nations. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, yet soccer is one of the least popular sports in the United States. Major League Soccer or MLS is the professional soccer league in America and has a small following.

Although soccer is not a popular sport in comparison to other professional sports in America, during the world cup everyone becomes a soccer fan. Soccer suddenly becomes a national phenomenon. It is much like the Olympics with nations against nations every four years. The Olympics is unique in a way that a few gifted athletes are chosen to represent a entire country, to show the world who their people are and what they stand for, and to be voice of a nation. To compete at the Olympics means much more than participating in a sporting event. It is to be and ambassador of world peace.

The powerful thing about the Olympics is the way all citizens black, white, Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Irish, and Mexican all come together to support their country. To spread peace throughout the world is the true goal of sports at the world stage. Throughout time there have been sports that have defined a nation. Baseball is known as America’s past time. Children playing baseball in the backyard of a house in a suburban neighborhood all laughing, yelling, and having a good time. Going to a game with friends or family are truly moments that define America.

Invented in Scotland, Golf is a sport played around the world. Although not invented in the United States, Americans love golfing. From ages 4 to 100 golf is a sport that anyone and everyone can play. With golf courses all over America there is no shortage of golf in America. People belong to country clubs to play golf, and buy houses on golf courses to be closer to their beloved sport. In the United States one can get a college degree in golf, there is a whole channel dedicated to just golf, there is a popular show titled Golf in America. Golf is part of America history and will be apart of America’s future.

In the United States golf is not only a sport, it is part of America’s culture. “Sports have been bringing people from all over the world together since the first Olympics in Greece many years ago. Sports bring people a sense of accomplishment but more importantly, a sense of unity,” said John Kortex. Be it golf or football, FIFA World Cup or a game of backyard baseball, Americans love competition which you see in their obsession for sports. Be it violent sports, sports on the global stage, or sports that define a nation, Americans are passionate about sports.