Through a “conversion,” thirteen-year-old Theresa felt called to enter the Correlate Convent Just as her two older sisters, but was unable because of her young GE. She was told that she would be permitted to enter the convent at age sixteen, but she was too eager and fought with her father at her side, all the way to the pope in Rome. Her perseverance paid off because she became a Correlate at the age of fifteen, and took the name Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. Her father and many sisters were so happy for her.

As a Correlate nun, one of Thresher’s mall duties was to pray for the priests, and she did so with extreme passion. God’s spirit worked so powerfully through Theresa; however, she wished for so long that she could become a missionary until she legalized that her vocation was love. She focused on doing all the “simple things” of life well with an enormous amount of love. She believed that “everything is grace,” meaning we could experience God’s face in every person and situation in our lives. Thresher’s little, everyday sacrifices as a novice actually made up for the larger ones, for they went unnoticed by everyone.

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Theresa worried that because she was merely a novice, she would never become a saint, as she dreamed. Theresa developed tuberculosis in 1896, and started to become very sick. She suffered so much pain, but her faith gave her the strength to continue acting hurtful. Theresa dreamed that after death, she would continue to help people on earth. Theresa died on September 30, 1897 at the age of twenty-four. She always believed she had a calling to become a priest, and in turn it was a blessing she died when if she had been male, she would have been capable of becoming ordained.

Before Theresa died, she was asked to write down the story of her life. Her sister put together a collection of her written works and it was published into a book called “Story of a Soul. ” Thresher’s “little way” of trusting Jesus, and he small everyday sacrifices interested thousand of Catholics and others who were also trying to find that same holiness in their lives. In the end, she was cannonaded because of her simplicity, the miracles she performed through her Intercession, and the way she wholeheartedly responded to God’s love and the Holy Spirit within her.

Saint Theresa of the Little Flower was cannonaded a saint on May 17, 1925. In 1936, a basilica In Alleles was opened and blessed by Cardinal Bacilli. In 1944, as Pope, Bacilli declared Saint Theresa the secondary patroness AT France. In III/, Pope Join Paul II also cannonade near as a Doctrine of the Church. SST. Theresa of the Little Flower is celebrated on October 1st. Saint Thresher’s first two miracles involved two spontaneous unexplainable cures. The first was Sister German who suffered from stomach ulcers from 1913-1916.

The second involved a 23-year old seminarian, Charles Anne, who was dying from advanced pulmonary tuberculosis. The night he thought he was dying he prayed to Theresa and the doctor testified that his old destroyed lungs had been completely replaced by new ones. These two miracles beatified SST. Theresa but she needed two more miracles in order to be cannonaded a saint. Her third miracle involved a Gabrielle Tritium from Pram, Italy. She suffered from arthritis of the knee and tubercular lesions on the vertebrae.

The final cure involved Maria Placeman of Crosscheck, Belgium who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis that spread, as There’s illness had, to the intestines. Maria was diagnosed and decided to go and visit Thresher’s grave, and when she returned all her symptoms of tubercular ulceration have disappeared. Pope Pips XSL officially declared her a Theresa a saint. Although Saint Theresa of the Little Flower is dead, she is more alive in heaven than she ever was on earth. Theresa loved roses, and her “shower of roses” experience is both figurative and actual.

As she was dying, she reflected upon her life believing “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses. I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I will raise up a mighty host of little saints. My mission is to make God loved… ” Shortly after she died, the rain of roses began, sometimes literally and sometimes Just the scent of them. Roses are Thresher’s trademark. It is her special way of showing those that need a sign that God is listening. Thresher’s spirituality has had such an impact and a challenge on the lives of so many of God’s children.