Ninety-Light Street and West End Avenue In New York City, a child was born. This child, the son of two Romania Immigrants, would indeed grow up to be one of the most well known names in the comic book business. His name was Stanley Martin Libber. Who is Stanley Libber, you ask? None other than Stan “The Man” Lee, creator of most of the most popular comics books in the world.

Being immigrants and working during the depression, Stain’s parents, Jack and Celia Libber, struggled financially. Not helping the matter, Stain’s only brother, Larry Libber, was born when Stan was nine years old. It was at this time, while Stain’s parents were busy with their infant son, that Stan discovered the magical world of films. By the time he was a teenager, Lee and his family had moved to a small apartment In the Bronx, where Stan and his brother shared a room, and his parent’s slept on a fold out couch.

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Although Stan grew up poor, he seemed to live In his own world. HIS bike, for example, was never a bike to him; It was more of a space ship, or a horse. With the help of his mother and Leon Ginsberg, Stats favorite teacher who aught him that learning can be fun, Stan became a devoted reader. Stan was a very intelligent student, as he graduated early, at sixteen and a half, in 1939. During and after his high school career, Stan had worked many Jobs. It was with the help of his uncle, Rob Solomon, that he landed the Job of his dreams from a distant cousin.

Martin Goodman, Stain’s cousin’s husband, had hired him as an assistant in his new division, Timely Comics. The comic book department at that time consisted of Joe Simon, the editor, and Jack Kirby, the staff artist. Being extremely under staff, the Rockford began to become more work than they could handle. It was at that time that Stan had his first break. He wrote and had published his first text short story entitled “The Traitor’s Revenge”, which was featured In Captain America 3, written under the name Stan Lee, which he eventually changed his name to.

Shortly after, Stan wrote his first comic book script, which became Captain America #5. Stan moved onto writing many comic book scripts, and in August 1941, created his first super hero, the Destroyer. When Joe Simon and Jack Kirby left Timely Comics in 1941, Goodman installed the nineteen year old Stan Lee as the interim editor. It was clear that Lee had a knack for business, which led him to become editor in chief of Timely Comics until 1972, when he succeeded Goodman and became publisher of the company.

When World War II came along, Stan Joined the Army in the Signal Corps, where he wrote manuals, training films, and slogans, and occasionally cartooning. While in the Army, Stain’s place In the company was filled by Vincent Fog. Fog had started producing humorous, funny animal comics, which was completely different than what Lee was familiar with. Thinking that this was the popular style, Lee began writing stones In a variety of genres, Including humor, western and romance. This Is why In the mid-flies Stan Lee became dissatisfied with his career and considered quitting.

I en, In teen late sass, Julius scenarist revolve teen superhero genre Ana galena almost instant success. Goodman, wanting the same success Schwartz received, ordered Lee to create a new superhero team. Jack Kirby had the idea to create a different kind of superhero, one with flaws. This was a new idea, considering most superheroes of the time were perfect people with perfect lives. Lee decided to make characters that didn’t always beat the bad guys, who worried about bills or impressing girlfriends.

These flaws made the heroes seem more real, and therefore, more appealing to the reader. The era that these flawed characters were created was called the “Marvel Revolution”, which was used as the new name of the company. Lee’s first heroes of the Marvel Revolution were the Fantastic Four, which was an instant success. With the success of the first “marvels”, Lee and Kirby went on to making more comic book “marvels”, such as Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, the Mighty Thro and the X-Men. With Steve Dittos, Stan Lee created Marvels most successful character, Spider-Man.