This did not change Star Girl, but it only made her more determined to go out of her way and be more kind to everyone. The quote that I chose to describe Star Girl was, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. ” (Ralph Wald Emerson) This quote means live your best life and live it to the fullest. Star Girl certainty lived her life with enthusiasm, kindness, love and Joy.

Unlike Star Girl, Hillary Simile did not live her life to the fullest, but instead with gossip and unkindness. The quote that I thought best describes the relationship between Hillary and Star Girl was,” Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ” (Albert Einstein) This quote was evident when Hillary yells at Star Girl Just because she was different (pig 67). “Why can’t you be normal? Why do you want’ be so different? ” I think this quote shows Hillary opposition to the free spirit that Star Girl has, and how small minded she is.

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Another quote that I felt had a connection to the story Star Girl was “Thus each person by his fears gives wings rumor, and without any real source of apprehension, men fear what they themselves have imagined. (Lucian) I think this quote relates to the fear that Leo was experiencing because of his friendship with Star Girl. This is evident In this passage, as he conveys his fear and apprehension of their companionship. “I’m talking about the school the town. I’m talking about everybody. ” (Pig 135) I think It Is ad that Leo is letting rumor and Imagination ruin his relationship with Star Girl.

In conclusion, I think the message I would like to convey Is, be a little like Star Girl, don’t waste your life with the fear of loving or limit yourself to idle gossip, Just because you think others would not approve. Instead live In each moment as It passes; breath in the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the Influences of each. (Henry David Thoreau) Will someone be changed by knowing Star Girl? Its hard to tell but one thing Is certain, I most definitely will!