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Applying for Master of Arts in Communication Studies

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Minnesota State University, Mankato, United States Of America

Name: Mahdi Hasan

Muktijoddha Ziaur Rahman Hall University of Dhaka, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

+8801722722476 Email: [email protected]



I, Mahdi Hasan, am writing this letter of intent to
the graduate admission committee for the master of Communication Studies at
Minnesota State University, Mankato. My motivation to study Communication
Studies was derived from the Masters Group call ‘Sociological History of Islam’
during my post-graduate coursework at the University of Dhaka. The inclusive
syllabus of the program provided me a deep lesson of the administrative systems
of various regimes. But I feel that the particular subject actually provoked my
intellectual hunger for a better understanding of the social communication,
administration and communication formulation system which help government and
concerning authority to take control over unwanted maladjustments.  Interest for the communication of the state
began to rise since it is the machinery of the state which deals with its
subjects directly. Truly speaking I want to complement my understanding on how
states of the world make communication to govern their people and how these communication
policies are changed on the requirement of time.

I am working on a project called ‘Fairer Labour
Migration (FLM) in Bangladesh’ the purpose of this project is ensuring fair
recruitment system in the field of labour migration from Bangladesh.
Communicate with migrant’s family and ensure their protection. Particularly, lack
of communication skill 2.8 million people are working with fear of their family
safety in many cases migration seeker villagers are victim of deception
sometimes they lost their property and even home. This is possible to eliminate
by proper communication with new migration seekers. After started my journey
for field work I realize that it is totally intricate to deal with specifically
when someone have to work with different communities with deteriorative
communication skills. In addition to, it was quite unfamiliar according to my
undergraduate study. However, I was assigned to collect data and take
interviews, to tackle hurdle towards desire directions, all along with
maintaining the research ethics and equities. That was my challenging
experiences whether I am able to take interviews or not this questions arose
when I continuously refused from my schedule interviews it made me totally
frustrated. I explored everything was challenging for me each respondent was
hard to deal with.

Though an observation I found my lacking,
interpersonal communication is needed to make exact rapport. I was desperate to
involve my participants to response especially problem related with lack of
communication. After facing all of problem above I consult with my coordinator,
a suggested methods change my way of working strategies and it gave me proper
feedback. During my field work, the inconveniences I faced was interpersonal
and cultural communication. It made me to understand that how communication
skills is important to undertake any research. I identified the truth that is
precisely intangible to have interpersonal communication.


Though, rectified attempt helped me to demonstrate my
optimum output towards field research. But truly speaking I feel I was needed
to have a strong advanced interpersonal communication skills indeed to become
an effective researcher.

Anyway, people become fascinated about things when they
identified an effective desire inside them. As a citizen of over populated
country I witnessed many phenomena related with governing body, social
structure and traditions which provoked my hunger to study History, it is a
branch of effective experiences of our predecessors. The exciting course study
and field assignment during my bachelors and masters inspired me to join as
research assistant at RMRRU. Generally it wasn’t easy task for me lack of
communication skills often distracted my progress to become a successful professional
researcher. I was very self-centered person on top of that my feeble
communication skills, was degrading my field research. To be honest my
inclination to become a successful researcher at field research have persuaded
me to think about graduate school of communication. By which I can upgrade my
interpersonal communication skills which is prerequisite for any qualified