Upon constant pondering on my past and looking at the problems which I have faced in my past and problems which I am facing right now. I was able to narrow down my problem to one thing which I believe that I am constantly facing. The problem is not a very unique but something which is common but still very important to any human in the world which want to live a healthy life. So, the problem is “Overeating”. This is one problem which I am facing and due to this, I got other problems linking to the overeating such as weight gain, acidity, low self-esteem, breathing problems which playing any sports and clothes not fitting properly etc. To be specific on overeating I am fond of eating pizza, sandwich, sweets, chocolates, candies, and pastries i.e. I am fond of eating junk food and I am a sweet tooth. Due to this, I have a lot of problems to keep my weight in check.

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To lead a normal and healthy we have to have a sound mind and healthy body. Due to my problem of overeating, it causes emotional distress as an excessive attachment to food items prevents emotional contentment or fulfillment after every meal. In recent time I have suddenly put on weight which has made me lose my confidence in my appearance and worry excessively about my social image. I get a lot of hungry swings due to electrolyte imbalances and other metabolic malfunctioning reasons, you feel lonely, restless, bored and frustrated. Hence, simple tasks seem too overwhelming to achieve. The sight of food makes me more and more insecure about handling my craving. Overeating affects your relationship with friends, family, relatives and the social circle also. This is because the love for food replaces all other priorities. I am even having problems with my best friend as he is always teasing me and I don’t like it a bit. Due to overeating Oil levels in the body gets affected which has to lead to skin related problems like acne and oily skin. Junk food makes me sloppy and I have the problem with concentration, focus, and memory if consumed regularly in large amounts.

My overeating problem has become a huge problem because it affects me overall and it has others problem linked to it which in turn affects my personality overall.



I did research on my problem via going through different papers and talked to a doctor related to this. I studied two papers, first one was “Late-night overeating is associated with smaller breakfast, breakfast skipping, and obesity in children: The Healthy Growth Study” and the second one was “Guilty pleasures: The effect of perceived overeating on food addiction attributions and snack choice”. Both the papers were a lot insightful on their own ground.

The objective of the first paper was to investigate for the first time the possible association of late-night overeating with breakfast habits and obesity in a large sample of Greek children ages 9 to 13 years. The methodology used was a cross-sectional epidemiologic study conducted in 77 primary schools in four large regions in Greece. The present study presents results on 1912 children having full data regarding anthropometric, dietary, physical activity, and physical examination indices. Finally, the results High-energy intake at dinner and evening snack was associated with higher likelihood of skipping breakfast and with lower caloric intake at breakfast. Children at the lowest quartile of physical activity levels were found to have a positive association between the calories consumed at dinner and their body mass index. This association was inverse for children at the highest quartile of physical activity levels

So, the conclusion of the study was that in case of late-night overeating is associated with skipping and/or consuming a smaller breakfast. In children with low levels of physical activity, it is associated with the increased body mass index. Future relevant studies are essential to further explore and confirm the findings of the present study. 

The objective of the second paper was despite being widely debated throughout the scientific community; the concept of food addiction remains a popular explanation for overeating and obesity amongst the lay public. Overeating is often accompanied by feelings of guilt and dietary concern, and this may lead people to attribute their eating to an addiction in order to minimize personal responsibility. Research also indicates that food addiction attributions and dietary concern may lead people to limit their exposure to tempting foods. To test these ideas, the researcher examined the effect of perceived overeating on food addiction attributions and snack choice. Subjective ratings of guilt and dietary concern were indirectly manipulated by leading female participants to believe they had eaten more than (overeating condition), less than (undereating condition), or roughly the same (control condition) amount of palatable foods in relation to their own estimated consumption and to previous participants. Participants then rated the relative importance of a list of explanations for their eating (including “the foods were really addictive”) and selected a snack to take home with them. Ratings of guilt and dietary concern were highest in the overeating condition, and lowest in the undereating condition, indicating that the manipulation had been successful. However, findings revealed no effect of condition on food addiction attributions. As predicted, participants in the overeating condition selected less tempting snacks than in the undereating condition. However, this effect was not mediated by guilt/dietary concern. There was also no association between food-addiction attributions and snack choice. These findings suggest that perceived overeating affects snack choice but not food addiction attributions. Future research should investigate whether food addiction attributions may be driven by feelings of guilt and dietary concern following longer-term disinhibited eating patterns.

I had a word with a doctor related to overeating and the effects of overeating. The doctor was really helpful and he listens to my problem patiently and after hearing my problem he started to draw a line between overeating and eating disorder. Then he categized my problem accordingly and I found out that I did not have an eating disorder but it was more of an overeating problem with me. He told me lots of ways to control overeating and I would be discussing them in the solution plan. 

I had a word with my close friends and took their word on my problem of overeating as they are the best judge as they are with me almost every day and I break bread with them. On approaching my friends, I learned that even they were concern about me and the way I was eating. They even told me that they use to body shame so that I get some sense but their body shaming did not have any effect on me. I am really thankful to all my close friend that they actually listen and gave some genuine response to the question which I asked them. Due to their honest response, I am able to tackle the problem with more honesty and genuine consensus.



As I have described above the problem of overeating. This is one problem which I am facing and due to this, I got other problems linking to the overeating such as weight gain, acidity, low self-esteem, breathing problems which playing any sports and clothes not fitting properly etc. I am fond of eating junk food and I am a sweet tooth. Due to this, I have a lot of problems to keep my weight in check.

My solution plan for my problem of overeating is that first of all get a fitness band which can track how much do I sleep, walk, and exercise in a day. In addition to that, the band should also have a feature where it can track my heart rate. Second, I plan to play sports preferably badminton daily for at least an hour. This will help me to become flexible and agile. Third, I plan to do cardio exercise which will help me burn fat at a faster rate. Fourth, I want to start doing mediation so that I can channelize my thought in a positive direction and have a much better control of my own body. Fifth, I have to start saying no to myself and control myself whenever I see sweets or junk food and change my preference to health options available. I have decided to eat less oily meals and include protein-rich food items in my meal to reduce unhealthy food and increase food items which are good for health. Sixth, I have a set target to reduce my weight by 8 kilograms in next 2 months. To do so I have to work hard and control myself for all the guilty pleasure and craving which will stop me from achieving my target. Seventh, I have decided that I will not miss my breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day and it keeps a person an energetic whole day. This is one of the recommendations which doctor also gave me. Finally, I have unfollowed all the food pages on Instagram which gave me the craving for food. 




In the result stage, I can say that I am still working on my problem as it is a present problem. I am implementing my solution stage wise. I have got myself a fitness band, a badminton racket and I have unfollowed all the food pages on Instagram which gave me the craving for food. I am trying not to miss my breakfast and do cardio whenever I get time. I want to follow all the steps religiously so that I can get to my target and achieve what I want to achieve i.e. my goal of losing 8 kilograms in next 2 months. I understand that it will be a difficult task but I have to achieve this to boost my confidence and self-esteem. Overeating is a very personal problem and I have tackled it so that I can get what I want. I have once overcome this problem and I am sure that I can again overcome this problem. Previously it was a small problem and I tackled it easily but this time I let it grow bigger before I could realize that I have developed into a much bigger problem.

I am sure of one thing that I have a problem in my hand, it is up close and personal but I will overcome it and achieve my goals because this is what I have learned in my life through the various experience of other and my own.