Grammar for best pop vocal album and it reached number two on billboard two hundred. The album was written in 2006, and on this album is the song we chose, Stop This Train. Katherine: The song, Stop This Train, is a blues song. It Is about a young man, John who is afraid of growing up and facing the challenge of adulthood. (Song Plays) Katherine: The song tells the plot of person us. Fate: John does not want to grow up.

In the song, the characters are John, his father, and his mother. The setting of the song Is John’s parents house and the point of view starts as first person, then switches to third person, and then back to first person. Sophia: The theme of the song Is that although at some points growing up can be scary, It Is Inevitable and a part of life. When John says “So scared of getting older I’m only good at being young,” e Implies that he Is scared to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.

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Katherine: second, when John says “Don’t want to see my parents go” he suggests that the safety net that is his parents will soon go away as he becomes an adult. Sophia: Third, when Jon sings “And you don’t miss anything till you cry when you’re driving away in the dark” this connects to the theme because this overwhelming feeling can make adulthood feel like a hopeless venture. Katherine: The figurative language used in he song is metaphor and irony.

The metaphor used is comparing the train to life. When the train doesn’t stop, neither does life. The irony used in that during the whole song, John talks about how wanting to grow up, but at the end of the song he accepts that he will thanks to his parents. Another metaphor is when John says “No I’m not color blind I know the world isn’t in black and white. ” The black and white Is used to describe the good and bad in the world.