All the way they drive in taxi she tries to say something positively about him, so he can think about himself in a positive way. 2. Characterize Miriam and the life she lives Miriam Is a woman that comes Into a London hospital she acts like this Is a normal procedure In her own life. So I would say that she has a positively mind and Is happy, off course there Is bad days, but if I take an overall picture she Is a positive and happy woman. She lives in a nice street with nice houses we can confirm that because the taxi driver says that “these are nice houses”.

Miriam says in the text that she has a husband, when the taxi driver asks her, but later in the story she says that she didn’t actually has a husband, so she was lying about it in the first time. She comes with a lot of prognoses about what will happen next, when she does that she seems like she wants to plan her life in some way and that is not positive in my mind. I think she is fat because she comes to the hospital like it was normal for her, she have something with her heart that make it to a stop, but when she gets to the capital by taxi the doctors restarts her heart.

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I think she Is the one that live Like a dog, alone because she comes with all these animals and gives advice to the taxi driver, but she Lies about having a husband, I don’t even think she got any friends. She is this very happy woman too happy, she is that kind of woman that runs around with the biggest smile in the world even in the worst situation. Like when her husband leaves her she still tries to see the positive things in that. I think that Miriam lives like a dog because in sounds like she is all alone, with no rinds, husband, and, family.

She lies about having a husband and having friends, but no of it is true. She is the “crazy happy dog” no one wants to be friends with before they can’t stand the way she acts in every situation, with this happy attitude to all things. 3. Comment on the title Lives Like a dog, alone The first that come into my mind is a person that lives alone in the street or some Klan AT poor CIO living In an Aslant city, nee/seen NAS social problems so nee/seen NAS no friends or parents, he/she is Just all alone in the big city, alone.

I have a small moment on the animal they have select because a normal dog that lives in the wild is an animal that lives in packs or families. The picture we get in our head is some kind of abandon dog in the streets in a poor city, and under these terrible circumstance it is not well. I think about the dog in the WE commercial that have spots where there is no hair and it has the tongue out its mouth so it looks thirsty. That kind of dog is abandon so it don’t know how to get food or survey in the street where there is no one looking after it, giving it food or such things. Discuss the ending Personally I didn’t like the ending on the story because it was as she said it will be so that made the story kind of boring, and I also think that it isn’t very realistic that she invited a taxi driver into her home Just like that, that is a bit weird. I thought the ending of the story would be like the taxi driver become some kind shrink for Miriam and she realized that it was her that was the one that lived like a dog, all alone and by herself.

So the story would give some kind of twist that it wasn’t him that had robbers, but her because he has a lot of excuses for an example he is a refugee and he don’t know anybody before he takes contact with them, he properly don’t know the English culture or the language very well, but she got every opportunity to make a happy life with friends, husband, and, children. The ending is positive for the Miriam, but I don’t should it should be good for her because she has to learn something about the life and about herself, that she is alone and she lives like a dog. Good story, but the ending could be better in my mind.