A full situational analysis on the company was carried out, to provide a detailed Indication bout current market share, positioning and trends. It was found that although Marks and Spencer have experienced problems throughout the last five years, they still retain a strong market share of 15% wealth the apparel and textile Industry. There Is still obvious scope for Improvement, especially as the threat from Supermarkets (George at Sad, Cherokee at Tests) and the threat of takeover bids become ever stronger.

MAC consultancy recognized that a lot of the Issues facing Marks and Spencer were as a result of confusion and frustration amongst customers who were not fully aware of what Marks and Spencer stood for anymore. The increasing number of product lines, the range of services on offer – Marks and Spencer had moved away from what they originally stood for and what had originally made them successful. And through doing this they failed to let their customers know.

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By critically analyzing the current communications strategy: Advertising Public Relations Personal Selling Sales Promotion We have been able to suggest sound recommendations based on the above. Our key findings were that if Marks and Spencer concentrated on Communicating with the Target Market Implementing a Direct Marketing Campaign Improving Customer Loyalty Schemes There would be substantial scope for better relations with their customer and help toward future growth of the company.