Describe the conceptual skills you find this Chris Globe needs for his Job as vice president of Original Penguin. As a vice president, Chris Globe needs to act as a top manager also. HIS role as vice president was characterized by variety, multitasking, fragmentation, and brevity. He needs to oversee the organization or his staff as a whole and maintain good relationship among the team. Constant communication and be able to respond on time for the things need to be done enable him to perform as a good leader to the am.

He also foresee what are the things his group need to Improve In order to attain company’s goal. 2. Suppose those flip-flops – or other components of the upcoming fashion show – don’t arrive in time. Describe how Chris Globe might manage the situation. Chris manages the situation by planning and controlling all necessary items needed for the upcoming fashion show. Unfortunately, there are instances where there are roadblocks on the shipments of flip-flops where he put focus to manage and overcome any obstacles to meet the common goal.

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During turbulent times, manager needs to stay calm, in-control of the situation, prioritize people before business and be able to decide on business matters in a timely manner. 3. What do you think is the most difficult part of Kola’s Job? Why? Chris Kola’s Job most difficult is to manage all the functions of the company – planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. He is responsible and accountable for everything that has Penguin brand on it. The decision making he made everyday give more challenges as manager of the company.