In Community and Human Services with a concentration In Health Services Administration. This program Is designed for a broad range of students and working professionals with an interest in enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families in need through the development and administration of agencies involved in service delivery. Initially I started with the City University of New York. I took some courses at York College and Hunter College and later transferred to Empire State College.

I had degree program at SEC approved In he Business, Management and Economics area of study with a concentration In Business Administration but I found out I was not fulfilled In that field of study. I could not see myself working with a business administration degree in the future; hence, I am changing my area of study and concentration. I am choosing this field of study because I have been working with people for over 12 years. I have a certification in Home Health Aide and a certification in Nursing Assistant.

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Currently I am working In a group home with Wildfowl Programs. This Job has offered me more insight Into human and organizational relationships and It developed my skills In oral and written communication. A concentration in Health Services Administration will prepare me to work in administrative capacity in non-profit agencies, schools, health care centers, and other community-based organizations. Lastly, this will prepare me to enter a new career with confidence, which is the greatest of all!

Area of study guidelines The area of study guideline courses will prepare me for many situations I encounter as a business professional through the study of multiple facets of the healthcare industry, such as: Healthcare Planning and Policy Management which will help me explore healthcare policy issues impacting the U. S. Healthcare system. Issues in Health Policy and Management will help me understand and analyze the impact of various regulatory entities on the operations of healthcare organizations.

Legal and Ethical Issues In Health Services will examine ethical theories and the principles of bioethics and apply them to ethical problems In the healthcare field. Crisis intervention will focus on dealing with the scrolls when they arise. It will teach me how o remain calm, respectful, and professional when dealing with challenging or aggressive behavior in a wide range of workplace environments. Since I am already working in a group home, Disabled in America will only give me more knowledge as to working with them. US Health Systems

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Disabled In America Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services
  • Management of Health Services SEC has four essential foundations for the Human Service field that are important. They include knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, and experience, application and practice. Knowledge in Human Services Administration will provide an excellent foundation for me wishing to pursue graduate studies In areas Including but not Eliminate to, Health Malnutrition, Puddle Malnutrition, Ana Social work.

Moreover, a Bachelor of Science in Human Services Administration will provide me with an understanding of administration, public policy, ethics and practice in the field of Human Services Administration, in addition to a working knowledge of vulnerable and underrepresented populations. Community Health Workers embrace learning as life long, including life experiences and traditional learning. Therefore, I will seek ongoing opportunities for education and training to expand my knowledge base and skills. Skills in the field of Human Services will provide safety, health and independence for me.

This will help me achieve well-being and independence through opportunities that protect, empowers, respect choice and preserve dignity. Good skills will help me in teaching, assessing, planning, and evaluating. It will also help me with individual/Group health counseling and the ability to work independently and as a team. The core values of community health reflect a broad definition of healthy communities. This will help me strive for excellence by providing quality services and the most accurate information available to individuals and communities.

Community Health Workers regardless of discipline, region of the country, Job title, and work within or outside of traditional systems are unified in their work to reduce disparities. Community Health Workers have earned the trust of individuals and communities. I respect that trust and will work hard to maintain a trusting relationship with individuals and my communities. As a direct care worker for years, we are agents of change. We pursue social change through work with community members to improve social conditions. Communities, families and individuals are partners in determining their needs.

We pursue equitable partnerships with other professionals including health care and social service providers. We strive to remain open-minded and are accepting of others and our differences. We are inclusive and accepting on all levels. This is application and practice. Concentration: My concentration in community and human services will be health care services. US Health Systems will give me an insight into how the health care works in the United States. It will prepare me for careers in health services administration, planning, policy, evaluation, consulting, and related careers.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services will help me develop skills in the ethical analysis of policies and conflicts that arise in the delivery of health care services. It will also explore the ethical implications of the fundamental structural changes taking place in the U. S. Health care market, with attention to the perspectives of the health care professional, the organization, and the consumer. Health Psychology will help me focus on how illogical, social and psychological factors influence health and illness.

Since I am already working with the disabled, he course Disabled in America will give me a deeper learning on how to deal with them in the workforce and beyond. General Learning Section My prior college course selections have afforded me a wide range of academic learning and perspective. As I have outlined above, many of my earlier classes serve nicely to support my intended concentration course selections at Empire State College. The knowledge and skills which I need to learn through Empire State are basically in the Health Services Administration discipline.