Studying abroad is an exciting experience, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the traditions and culture of the host country and its people. Apart from the excellent education I received during three years in England, I also made a wide circle of friends and improved my language skills. I learned how to face and deal with various problems, and as a result, have become more independent and self- confident. I studied English Literature and this, along with making many friends both t university and through the part-time Job I had, helped improve my English.

Although I already spoke the language quite well, when I first arrived I had trouble understanding some accents and the slang or colloquialisms that are in everyday use. Now I am a much more fluent and natural speaker, and my writing has improved, too. The biggest problems I faced were finding somewhere to live when I did not know the area well, getting the electricity and phone connected and generally learning to look after myself.

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I had to get used to shopping, cooking and doing the coursework, as well as studying and working, so I quickly mastered the art of planning my time sensibly. Although adapting to living in a new country is not easy, once the initial homesickness and missing the family has been overcome, learning to fend for yourself certainly makes you a more independent person, and definitely more self- confident. My time abroad helped me grow as a person and I feel I could tackle any problem now in a calm and confident manner, without having to Immediately ask someone for their help.