Apple, the American multinational cooperation that designs, develops and sells Apple products, outsourced to China u to the cheap labor and subsequently took advantage by paying workers as little as $2. 00 per hour in 2010. High output per person is expected in Apple factories, with one ‘phone being assembled every 30 seconds during 14 hour shifts; that is 1680 phones in one shift. For this, workers can be expected to receive EYE per week, which is simply unethical since Apple generates a profit of $million per hour.

Of course, the profit-motivated company benefits greatly from the low labor costs and In 2009 totaled revenue of $65 billion. Similarly, Cataracts has been named as one of the any Tens that exploit their vulnerable, yet dedicated, workers. In 2007, it was revealed that coffee farmers were being paid $0. 57 per pound (lb) of Ethiopians Sadism coffee, a mere 2. 2% of its regular retail price. Furthermore, over 2 million children are forced to work over 29. 9 hours a week In family farms in Sadism alone In order to support their families who were once promised wealth by Cataracts.

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Nonetheless. Cataracts Is still able to charge approximately $3 for a coffee In New York, of which they sell 10,465,000 worldwide a day. It was uncovered in August 2012 hat workers at a Disney factory in South China earned only $560 for a month of 22- hour days with no holidays and no paid overtime. This means that workers, including children, are working 440 hours a month with Just $1. 27 per hour despite Disney claiming that workers are not allowed to work more than 48 hours per week.

Like Apple and Cataracts, Disney manages to generate a large annual gross Income of $42. 278 Billion. Environmental policies are often Ignored by large Tens, like Apple who scored an unacceptable 2. 7/10 in being environmentally friendly in 2006 as a result of 30. Million tones of greenhouse gases being emitted annually by Apple. Direct implications of this occurred In Ouzos, China, where residents living near an Apple factory raised concerns relating to the vast quantities of toxic chemicals being used in the production of Apple products.

However, in the Western World, consumers are able to purchase a myriad of Apple products in the 253 Apple stores soon after they have been produced in China and flow over, a process that heavily contributes to the 30. 9 million tones of greenhouse gas. On average, each of the 19,736 Cataracts hops worldwide use 6. 78 kilowatt-hours of electricity, 0. 058 thermos of natural gas and 94 elites of water per square foot per month, and wasting 23. 4 million elites of water per clay.

Despite tense shocking tattles s r sucks NAS cone ontology reduce its energy output or acknowledge diminishing global water supplies. Furthermore, Cataracts coffee cups are made from 90% new paper but cannot be recycled due to the plastic logo lining therefore 2 Billion cups end up in landfill every year. Surely a company that has a net income of 1 is able to reduce waste ND put a stop to the overuse and abuse of the world’s natural resources.

During Disney’s cruise ship resort scheme, they poorly managed a 90-acre island in the Abaca Islands by partially developing it, only to abandon it when the scheme came to and end. Hazardous materials, electrical transformers and fuel tanks were left on the Island, which is a habitat to many organisms. Moreover, invasive alien plants and insects were introduced to the island as part of the ‘Treasure Island’ theme and are now threatening indigenous flora and fauna.

Temperamental and ‘limited edition’ lady’s like these allow Disney to increase its annual revenue by appealing to a wider audience as well as being able to advertise that it creates ‘content and experiences in ways that are relevant to the many cultures and localities found around the world. ‘ In conclusion, Apple, Disney and Cataracts are three very separate and individual multi-national corporations but they have all abused the benefits of outsourcing by exploiting workers and have selfishly devoured scarce natural resources for their own money-fuelled advantages. By Rosier Krause