I ran and I ran. Sweat pouring down my face. I could feel my heart thumping out of my chest. Whirl winds of emotions all round my body. Bumping into people their abuses faded away. Didn’t know whether her she was k or not. My little sister. I sat there cuddled her and asked if she was alright. She gave me a lukewarm response. Yes I am alright but I don’t want to go on the bumper cars ever again’. I was so relived, that moment I felt as calm as the water of the rivers. I decided to go on a big roundabout.

I stood waiting in the long queue breathing in the fresh air, admiring the smiley faces of the people on the ride. I didn’t even take notice until I had to be shouted at. Finally it was my turn; I looked to my right to see an aged man with such a creased face and eyes hanging so low that It looked like it was going to drop off. He gave me an awkward look that sent shivers up my spine before signaling that I should get on. As I sat, I had a strange feeling something was not right. I didn’t know what but I forced myself to be calm and enjoy.

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The same man came and I was strapped up with a metal bar. The ride began higher and higher. Suddenly… I Jerked, heard a squeak. The ride stopped… I needed to scream but it was as if my lips were sewn up with needle and thread. I was stone. Worst of all I could feel myself tipping forward. I am now upside down. I held on firmly onto the bars I couldn’t let go, my life depended on my hands. Terror, thoughts, and emotions clashed together. I was too young to die. Upside down my hands were slipping; I could hear peoples voices from down below but no use, all I could hear were mumbling.

I shut my eyes trying to get a packed memory of my friends and family. Then I fell. The next thing I knew was that there were machines beeping and I think people tarring. I could only see a blurred vision of horses. I sat up in bed my family around me. My mum gave me a mirror. I looked disgusting, horrified, and terrified. The most obnoxious human being stared back at me. I was scared for life. My mum spoke in a cold voice. Too much fun is no fun at my darling child. ‘ That was all my mother could say. I don’t blame her for saying that, no I don’t.

However I could never forgive her passing by knowing that I was in danger. I could feel hot tears rolling down my cheeks. At that moment I felt worthless, anger and pain filled my heart. The news was earned on there was the worthless person replayed. I couldn’t believe it, what have I done to deserve all this?! Now if you see me In the streets you would probably puke. My eyes are pure red. My tong stuck out all the time, and my skin blisters a lot. So to this day on Instead of me and my sister going to the funfair, we go to the Library.

In my room I flicked on the channel there a big fat headline a serial killer has just escaped Trot prison. My mouton cropper a I Decade so scared Tanat I went Tropez stilt. Called for my mum. ‘From now on nobody would leave the house, not to the park, no hopping Just locked indoors until the serial killer has been found! ‘ The news caster said in a hypnotism kind of voice. 2 hrs passed I couldn’t bear it any longer I had to get bottle of coke. I had to go round my mate Jim to play cards. I never stayed at home 24 hours a day, NEVER.

So the next morning when it was about afternoon and my mum was fast asleep I sneaked out into the streets. It looked like a desert but without sand not a soul to be heard. The sun started disappearing behind the clouds. I wasn’t afraid anyway whoever the person was would be in a faraway place by now. I did not know why people were so terrified. They say… ‘The sinister stranger lurks across the street parading like a grim shadow, without the sound of feet hitting the pavement without a smile, watching all the while’.

I decided to ignore that phrase and go to Jimmy’s house. However whilst I was walking it felt like someone was watching me. Somehow I got this picture in my head that it is the killer. I turned round… A living thing. Terror had taken my scream before I made it. I ran and ran my heart beating, faster and faster this is the second time in my life time. Fear grew p my spine as I looked back and saw it thumping after me. I hid behind a bush observing it very closely. It had eyes as big as the moon. Also dusty eyelids dead fleas floated away every time it blinked.

Its hair was as white as snow. Also warts were appearing on its face because the sun kept blistering its skin. It was dressed in rags. It looked like a beast and a human. Even its hands were powerful enough to crush cars to bits. You would not want to look at his feet as you would certainly puke. I really didn’t know how to classify this living thing but certainly did NOT look human. It roared like a lion, seeking to devour me. The ground started shaking and without mercy it came closer and closer to me.

My brain stopped working I was stiff. I knocked my head to get some senses into me. Then I decided to call the police but too late it grabbed me… I tried to scream its hands were fire, my skin started peeling. The beast was practically roasting me. I knew I was going to die this time, and no one would care. Next thing I knew was that I was surrounded by bleeping machines. I looked up at worried and utterly distraught faces. Some tears dropped onto my f ace and everything came back to me. I asked what happened.