Many people make connections between swimming pools and hot weather. Some never go there except for the swimming class they take in school. Thus they cannot even imagine how irreplaceable it is to me. For me, the swimming pool is not Just a space for exercising butt meaningful place . The swimming pool Is a place I am very familial with because I spent a great deal of my childhood there. My father has been a swimming coach for nearly twenty three years.

When I was little, I stayed there all day long. I was always busy playing with huge floating boards and swimming tubes In the outdoor pool. Sometimes I sat at the counter or the life guard chair acting like I was an employee. Furthermore, I often joined the class of other coaches because my father was too busy to teach me, and played many different kinds of games with the students there. After playing around for several hours, I would take a sauna and a brief rest. The whole swimming pool was Just Like my own amusement park.

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Only when It was time to have lunch or dinner would I get out from the water . Every time my hands were crumpled like an old man. I did have a lot of fun, and even my birthdays were celebrated there. Those birthdays were so great that I will remember them for all my life. Each year I received plenty of gifts from my fathers colleagues. Some of them were beautifully wrapped , but some were too big to wrap. For example, over the years, I have received a bicycle, a box of crayons, and clothes.

Different feelings came up when I had each one of hem In my hands. Some were things that I had been wanting, and some were Just surprising. There were so many things that I could not remember them all. After singing the well-known birthday song and eating the cake, we took photos with many strange, funny poses. Even now, I still laugh out loud every time I see those pictures, and I also see delight, surprise, and thankfulness were all Involved at the moment. One time, my grandmother came to the swimming pool, though she could not really swim.

I took her to the outdoor pool because it was not as deep as the one indoor. While she was walking in the water, I swam around but did not pay much attention to her. I thought it was safe for her to Just walk. Suddenly, I heard a low splash from behind. I knew it was her at once and felt tense and extremely fearful. I immediately turned around and saw her tumble over in the water. Then, I swam toward her as quickly as I could and pulled her up. I saw the dread on her face, so I held her tight and told her it was alright.

This experience was so frightening that I noticed how Important safety Is, and I started to learn more related knowledge from my father or books. I en sliming pool Is an Important place wanly contains my tiredness, Naples’s, and dreadfulness. Without this place, my childhood, or even my life, would not be complete. Although now I spend less time there, I never feel too far away from the swimming pool. Furthermore, I feel like I have built a swimming pool in my heart. I can go there whenever I feel stressed and I can always meet the little me there.