You’ve spent years working in your field only to see it slowly dry up in this economy. As many of your colleagues lose their jobs, you wonder if and when you’re time is coming. If it’s high time to switch gears and get into a field that offers more stability, retraining might be required. Should you be after a business degree, one of the best ways to go in your circumstance is through an online MBA program.

So, why would you want to consider going for an online business degree rather than trying to go back to school full-time on campus? There are a number of reasons that make this type of training fit your lifestyle a little better. They include:

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The convenience – If you’re still working in your present field and would prefer to keep doing so as you get a nonprofit management degree, a masters in education or an online MBA, going to school via the Internet makes the most sense. You can stick to your daily routine and keep your paychecks coming in as you take classes at night from the comfort of your own home. When this route is pursued for anything from an online IT degree to a business degree, it is even possible to work a regular schedule and still go to school full time.

The cost savings – The pricing for online degree programs is still in the anticipated college range, but the incidental expenses are often eliminated. Going online means you won’t have to pay for commuting, activity fees and so on.

The family time savings – Try going to work all day, fitting in classes all night and working in any family time at all and you will find it just isn’t possible. Going to school online means you can be home for dinner and even spend time with your family as you study.

Changing careers is a scary proposition. Going back for an online MBA degree, however, can take some of the sting and worry out of the prospect.